Monday, 13 December 2010

Shopping and F*****g

These days I'm usually head to toe in leather, and the man responsible is Stan Storno. There's no getting away from the pure genius of this guys products - taking detailing up to the next level. Check out Stan's stuff at Cox Leather Main Store.

When you need a break from clothes shopping and need a rest stop, take a look at Hubs Howlett's brand new toilet! It's the latest in a long illustrious line of man on man animated essentials for the home.. and garage...and dungeon... you name it - Hubs done it!
A special mention needs to go to Hubs Sex red blooded male should be without it - slide into those camo pants right now! (and not neccessarily your own!)
There's no limit to this man's talent, and I'm lubed up, and hard as a rock in anticipation of his next delivery! Check out Hubs Developments Main Store

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