Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful II

Is it my imagination or are the men of second life looking better and better these days? Maybe guys are just paying more attention to the way they present themselves, whether its buffed and groomed, or craggy and rugged, these guys sure stand up well under close inspection.
It's a real dilemma - in sl terms my old skin is getting on a bit (that said you should see the rl skin!) - but its tricky to find a good skin to replace the one I've grown used to. I found a couple that come close, so I might try giving them an outing and see if anyone recognises me... otherwise I'll just have to stick with the old - and rely on the classic bone structure! LOL.


  1. The men are getting hotter and hotter as my jeans get wetter and wetter

  2. Yours and mine Ziggy... great to hear from you ; )