Monday, 3 January 2011

A New Year Rising.

Out of the ashes of 2010... onwards and upwards! A whole new chance to take the bull by the horn, so lets make sure its a good one - no matter what the world has in store for us. Stay bad, stay hot, and look after those Bullring brothers and their friends out there.
Here's hoping its a better year too for our gay brothers and sisters around the world... Africa... The Middle East... in fact everywhere there's a fanatical religious leader throwing (usually) his weight around -in the name of God!
Lets keep an eye out too for the young gay kids closer to home, maybe isolated by family, school, location. It's a messy world out there at times... so I recon we've got to keep working to ease things out a little.
Take care out there guys - and my resolution... let's care, lets help make something happen for the better.
So, fingers crossed (and a bit of effort) for a better world in 2011.

Wikipedia link-_UN_declaration_on_sexual_orientation_and_gender_identity

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