Saturday, 26 February 2011

Super-Size Me

Some big guys, just got bigger. Super-sizing artist BND specialises in morphing and enhancing guys who are already so enhanced they are off the scale! Check our his superb blog Bigdudes. Bulges are catching....I feel something growing!  Beef up with BMD

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hog Gets Pig From Grunt!

Yup, Hog Haystack was straight into the new GrunTats tattoo store over at Cox City. There's no holding that guy back. Grunt carved out  PIG across Hog's belly in no time at all. Oink!

Tour of Duty.

Its a tough job, but someone's got to do it!
I try to check out the equipment everyday at the clubs to make sure the place is ready, willing and able, for all you horned up guys looking for love machines (and man, do those machines take a pounding!).
But I got to say - the daily inspection does take on a whole new meaning, when you pass a hot young dude, laying over the fist n' fuck crate with a knowing look and a come on smile - legs spread wide - ass in the air.

Call it a perk of the job, but I call it a duty and an honour to be of service to any young fella so long as I  got the time on my hands to do him justice.
This horny buck sure stood up well under intense inspection (luckily - so did the fist n' fuck machine!).  Maintenance has become a full on pleasure, and this guy made a good apprentice I hope he comes by again for more.
My only regret?  I didn't see him try to walk home - I sure hope he made it.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

All American Hotboy.

Tasty as apple pie, and more rocks than the Rockies, Hotboy Lockjaw gave me a sneak preview of our mate Stan Storno's latest creation. It's a hot little outfit (and that's an understatement!).
A cross between Captain America vacationing on Fire Island, and a straight-off-the-bus hustler heading for Santa Monica, or Christopher Street.
Whatever the story, those threadbare cut-offs aint' going to hold out long before they are around his, or someone else's ankles!
If I were you, I'd head straight to Cox Leather - while stocks last - summer's a cumming'!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Zapping The Hog

Meet Hog Haystack. He's big, he's hairy and tough as they come. The second he walked in I knew he was looking to be taken through his paces.
The Hog is one total pain pig, and he likes to be taken to the limit, no holds barred. 

I lead him up to the Detention Loft and strapped him down tight. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Arms and legs spread wide, his horse cock and bull balls were screaming for attention. 
I knew that those hefty loaded nuts, hanging low in the safety of their sac were my ticket to breaking in this boy.

I'm not sure if The Hog was totally new to electro, but as i began to turn up the heat on his tanks, I could see him smiling behind gritted teeth.
He was handling it well, building up a sweat, and breathing in short sharp blasts timed to sync with the rapid zaps to his jumpin' jiz jewels.

As the treatment intensified, The Hog's back arched and he strained at his tethers, sweat pouring from every muscle in his struggling tense body. I was out to some break eggs and fry em' good.
Deep intense electro blows struck deep in his gut, sending pulses of pain to every nerve ending in the studs six foot frame. Every zap sent more blood straight to the guys raging cock.
That stud was rock hard, and getting harder, his glistening dick was throbbing like fuck, his tool veins bulging like a roided muscle stud on speed. Like a Frankenstein monster tool - this boy was alive and thrashing!

With his junk jumping, every zap to the sac brought him closer to the edge. He was getting close but wasn't ready to give up his super-charged juice - I would have to take control and give him no choice but to unload those tortured tanks.
I was going to break those slow cooked meat balls, and he was going to thank me for it.
Time to nuke me some nads.
One last twist of the dial saw The Hog lift clean off the bed by a clear six inches.
His body convulsed, his nuts clearly pulsating.... those boys were pumping hard, they were going to blow. Zzzzzap!
The guys juice just kept coming. Man did he deliver! That horse dick pumped and pumped squirtin' that class-A prize-bull semen the full length of his writhing torso.
Dripping sweat mixed with the pools of glistening cream that landed heavy on his face, chest and belly.
The Hog convulsed as the orgasm took all he had, draining the fella like never before.
The man was riding heaven and hell, right there between his legs... right now it felt like heaven.

Slammed back into the cage to cool off those roast nuts, a broad grin returned to his face.
He'd looked pain in the eye and spat in its face. He'd live to fight another day, stronger unbroken but sure in himself that he could take whatever was going to be thrown his way.
This guy was going to be back for more, as sure as the day is long - he was hooked already.
One hundred percent, a hot-wired electo Hog.
Man, don't you just crave that throbbing pulse?

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Pure Beef.

The Bullring - Cargo City goes carnivore. 100%, pure, prime, hung, rare, medium, and well-done - beef!
Get it while stocks last.Check out more bull-stud bullet tits from Chris at Nipsicles.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Give Good Lovin' - Make it a Threesome.

Ok, you're in love, so you swan around, arm in arm, waiting till some loner goes by before you start necking like crazy... now in my book, that's just plain unsociable.
So young, and old lovers everywhere, if you see a young guy out there all on his lonesome on this day of all days, I recon it's your duty to call him over and show him a good time - The Bullring way.
Give head and good lovin' for Valentine's Day - otherwise it's just a day for the ladies - just cards and chocolate!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Abracadabera! The Bullring - Cape Horn.

...or is it 'open sesame'? Either way, I sent out the call to let the men of The Bullring in to their very own Bullring - Cape Horn (along with a one or two other friendly, like minded guys). I hope you manage to make it over there, and that you like what you see. Don't expect crowds for the moment though, these things take a while. But a good one to know about, particularly if you want to find a quiet place to get up close and personal to your latest catch. No hassle, no stores (except in the excellent, neighbouring Cox Leather sim) and no charge! So, go explore, check out the three lofts, and The Spike.  If you are real lucky, the navy might be in town!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Skylock Studio Presents - Man Country 08/02/11

Check out Hotboy's line up of studs!  Nobody does it better! Hotboy captures the full pistol packing crew getting down and dirty at The Bullring's Man Country party last night. Check the guys out from the safety of your arm chair! Woof n' double woof!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Man Country Photo Report

Another hot night at The Bullring - Gay Fun World. With the talented Mr Gay 2011 himself  DJ Regi Yifu on stage  giving us one big throbbing night, with Thom Vexen hosting. I hope you like the shots.
 View the men of The Bullring's Man Country

The Return of The Spike.

It's been a while in coming, but The Spike returns. Leather bar, club space with a play room upstairs.
So leather up and check it out... At the Bullring - Cape Horn, soon.

Monday, 7 February 2011

We Want You. We Want You. We Want You As A New Recruit!

I know its a no-brainer, (and let face it very few other Second Life groups would be so laises-faire in terms of recruitment) but it just occurred to me, that if I were to position a few group 'joiner stations' around the place, it might just make it easier for you guys to sign up.  Yep, 'cuckoo' - a no brainer.

Its always good to welcome fresh blood, along side (but preferably underneath, on top, or in-between) those guys who can now call it home. 

It makes me so darned happy, that despite it not being obvious to anyone that The Bullring group even exists, that the group has such a strong following. 
So thanks men. Thanks for being there, and for being so darned horny - around the clock, 365 days a year!

If you're not a member yet, but you would like to belong to the group who's fuel is testosterone,  just click the joiner in one of The Bullring clubs - and you're in. Every hot, horny adult male is welcome.

We want you men. Woof!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Ball Guy

Built, strong, and cocky as 'cock-a-doodle-do', horn dawg Bodie strutted into The Bullring looking like he'd come straight from the game. Foot ball in his hand, and bull balls in his jock this guy was out to catch more than looks. There's no denying that beefcake Bodie filled out his kit well, but it wasn't just his muscles that I noticed swelling.
So I took him over to the Bullring Spa for a stretch n' flex session in front of the camera. Bodie could pose for America - if only it was an Olympic sport! He's hot and he knows it, cool as a cucumber, handsome as fuck... and by all accounts a great guy. The kind of guy most fellas would like to get to know a little bit better, if you know what I mean.

Bodie took his work seriously, and man was he pumped. Squats, lunges, those muscles took on whole new dimensions as the hot guy flexed and worked his body for the camera - and that high performance sportswear had probably never looked so good.
That said, even professional sports gear can only handle so much. I'm not sure if Bodie was checking out my ass, or catching his own reflection in the mirror, but that stud's photo shoot ended with the American flag raised high. Those tight-as-fuck football shorts just couldn't handle this jock's very own high performance gear.  Wooooooot!

The Annex

It's dark, it's dank, and it's very very quiet. It's waiting for its next victim.
Haul your boy's ass over there and show him who's the boss. The Bullring Annexe, Cargo City, where no-one can hear you scream.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Long Hard Afternoon.

It's not every day that an old pal calls by. And its not everyday that an old face turns out to be hardly recognisable. But this afternoon, after I'd spent a couple of hours heaving and humping timber around Cape Horn, Greenwolf dropped in.
Bald, smooth, tattoos from head to toe - looking hotter than a sauna in Sumatra.
This is a hairy guy turning smooth, first the head's shaved, the chest.... the ass, and promising to go all the way... right down to the eyebrows. Hairy fella turning into a smooth skinned pig-boy, thats some transformation. Oink, and double oink!
It didn't take long before the smooth skin was smooth-talking. The fuck buddy had me on my back, with his mouth taking my cock to places it hadn't been before (ok.. for a couple of days maybe). Smooth, and slick as grease lightning, that fella worked hard. Long n hard. He sure knows how to look after his bossman, and I knew exactly what I needed to do to look after him.
That sub-boy took it like a trooper. Man it felt so damn good. Long slow strokes sliding deep into his hot tight butt. This fella was hungry for a big ol' daddy to look after him good, you could feel it in every move he made, every twitch of his muscle. Pleasing his boss was the name of his game, and it sure worked for me as I ploughed that sweet tight hole.
Flippin' the fella over, and over, and over again, from every damn angle that guys tight ass worked its magic on my tool like a warm, oiled, velvet glove.
There's nothing like the smell of man on man... sweat, spunk, more sweat. We were drippin. We both needed it bad, and we were both giving till it hurt.
That boi needed spunk like a bitch on heat, and my balls were aching to deliver. Another flip and the stud was on all fours taking a pounding. Bull balls were swinging, slapping against his as my body rode that man-dawg like our lives depended on it. He was going to take a whole damn sack-load deep into into his hungry gut, and he was going to take it now!
Wooooaaaahhhh!!! Grrrrrrrrruuuunnnntttttt!!! Jeeeeeeeeeessssshhhhh! (as we say in Second Life).
Fella's, he sure drained me good. Resting, he nuzzled deep into my sweating pit, breathing in the scent of his man, the skin boy gently stroked my belly. His hand rose and fell as my breathing eased. If either of us smoked, this is the point we'd both light up. That said there was a warm glow deep in his butt, and something smouldering deep in my balls. Three words can sum it up:  'so' - 'damn' - 'good'.

So there you have it. A simple tale of regular fellas getting down n' dirty on a long hard afternoon at The Bullring. Here's looking forward to a long hard evening... a long hard night... a long hard morning...

Goin' Commando - And Some!

Ok guys, it's been hot work. I've been back on site re-thinking and re-working The Bullring - Cape Horn.
I got to admit I've been keeping the place to myself... yup, a shy boy at heart - well its good to have a place to go think.. and work.. and play.
It's also great to have a quiet place to get naked.. think naked.. work naked..
So with luck I'll be sending out the invites, and opening up the doors very soon (though I know some fellas have already stumbled across the place).
I'm looking forward to having a few other men passing through, treading the timbers, and getting naked.
Hey after all - no-one's lookin'!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Skylock Studio Presents - The Bullring

He's the man! Not only does the guy create the coolest nights in Second Life but his photo story captures all - and I mean all the horny fellas on the floor at Tuesday's Man Country session. One not to miss. Check him out. Head out to check out Hotboys movie.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Man Country - February Warming

Here are a few of reminders of another scorching winter's night with DJ Hotboy Lockjaw and friends over at The Bullring - Gay Fun World. Click here to view.