Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Ball Guy

Built, strong, and cocky as 'cock-a-doodle-do', horn dawg Bodie strutted into The Bullring looking like he'd come straight from the game. Foot ball in his hand, and bull balls in his jock this guy was out to catch more than looks. There's no denying that beefcake Bodie filled out his kit well, but it wasn't just his muscles that I noticed swelling.
So I took him over to the Bullring Spa for a stretch n' flex session in front of the camera. Bodie could pose for America - if only it was an Olympic sport! He's hot and he knows it, cool as a cucumber, handsome as fuck... and by all accounts a great guy. The kind of guy most fellas would like to get to know a little bit better, if you know what I mean.

Bodie took his work seriously, and man was he pumped. Squats, lunges, those muscles took on whole new dimensions as the hot guy flexed and worked his body for the camera - and that high performance sportswear had probably never looked so good.
That said, even professional sports gear can only handle so much. I'm not sure if Bodie was checking out my ass, or catching his own reflection in the mirror, but that stud's photo shoot ended with the American flag raised high. Those tight-as-fuck football shorts just couldn't handle this jock's very own high performance gear.  Wooooooot!

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