Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Long Hard Afternoon.

It's not every day that an old pal calls by. And its not everyday that an old face turns out to be hardly recognisable. But this afternoon, after I'd spent a couple of hours heaving and humping timber around Cape Horn, Greenwolf dropped in.
Bald, smooth, tattoos from head to toe - looking hotter than a sauna in Sumatra.
This is a hairy guy turning smooth, first the head's shaved, the chest.... the ass, and promising to go all the way... right down to the eyebrows. Hairy fella turning into a smooth skinned pig-boy, thats some transformation. Oink, and double oink!
It didn't take long before the smooth skin was smooth-talking. The fuck buddy had me on my back, with his mouth taking my cock to places it hadn't been before (ok.. for a couple of days maybe). Smooth, and slick as grease lightning, that fella worked hard. Long n hard. He sure knows how to look after his bossman, and I knew exactly what I needed to do to look after him.
That sub-boy took it like a trooper. Man it felt so damn good. Long slow strokes sliding deep into his hot tight butt. This fella was hungry for a big ol' daddy to look after him good, you could feel it in every move he made, every twitch of his muscle. Pleasing his boss was the name of his game, and it sure worked for me as I ploughed that sweet tight hole.
Flippin' the fella over, and over, and over again, from every damn angle that guys tight ass worked its magic on my tool like a warm, oiled, velvet glove.
There's nothing like the smell of man on man... sweat, spunk, more sweat. We were drippin. We both needed it bad, and we were both giving till it hurt.
That boi needed spunk like a bitch on heat, and my balls were aching to deliver. Another flip and the stud was on all fours taking a pounding. Bull balls were swinging, slapping against his as my body rode that man-dawg like our lives depended on it. He was going to take a whole damn sack-load deep into into his hungry gut, and he was going to take it now!
Wooooaaaahhhh!!! Grrrrrrrrruuuunnnntttttt!!! Jeeeeeeeeeessssshhhhh! (as we say in Second Life).
Fella's, he sure drained me good. Resting, he nuzzled deep into my sweating pit, breathing in the scent of his man, the skin boy gently stroked my belly. His hand rose and fell as my breathing eased. If either of us smoked, this is the point we'd both light up. That said there was a warm glow deep in his butt, and something smouldering deep in my balls. Three words can sum it up:  'so' - 'damn' - 'good'.

So there you have it. A simple tale of regular fellas getting down n' dirty on a long hard afternoon at The Bullring. Here's looking forward to a long hard evening... a long hard night... a long hard morning...

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