Saturday, 19 February 2011

Zapping The Hog

Meet Hog Haystack. He's big, he's hairy and tough as they come. The second he walked in I knew he was looking to be taken through his paces.
The Hog is one total pain pig, and he likes to be taken to the limit, no holds barred. 

I lead him up to the Detention Loft and strapped him down tight. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Arms and legs spread wide, his horse cock and bull balls were screaming for attention. 
I knew that those hefty loaded nuts, hanging low in the safety of their sac were my ticket to breaking in this boy.

I'm not sure if The Hog was totally new to electro, but as i began to turn up the heat on his tanks, I could see him smiling behind gritted teeth.
He was handling it well, building up a sweat, and breathing in short sharp blasts timed to sync with the rapid zaps to his jumpin' jiz jewels.

As the treatment intensified, The Hog's back arched and he strained at his tethers, sweat pouring from every muscle in his struggling tense body. I was out to some break eggs and fry em' good.
Deep intense electro blows struck deep in his gut, sending pulses of pain to every nerve ending in the studs six foot frame. Every zap sent more blood straight to the guys raging cock.
That stud was rock hard, and getting harder, his glistening dick was throbbing like fuck, his tool veins bulging like a roided muscle stud on speed. Like a Frankenstein monster tool - this boy was alive and thrashing!

With his junk jumping, every zap to the sac brought him closer to the edge. He was getting close but wasn't ready to give up his super-charged juice - I would have to take control and give him no choice but to unload those tortured tanks.
I was going to break those slow cooked meat balls, and he was going to thank me for it.
Time to nuke me some nads.
One last twist of the dial saw The Hog lift clean off the bed by a clear six inches.
His body convulsed, his nuts clearly pulsating.... those boys were pumping hard, they were going to blow. Zzzzzap!
The guys juice just kept coming. Man did he deliver! That horse dick pumped and pumped squirtin' that class-A prize-bull semen the full length of his writhing torso.
Dripping sweat mixed with the pools of glistening cream that landed heavy on his face, chest and belly.
The Hog convulsed as the orgasm took all he had, draining the fella like never before.
The man was riding heaven and hell, right there between his legs... right now it felt like heaven.

Slammed back into the cage to cool off those roast nuts, a broad grin returned to his face.
He'd looked pain in the eye and spat in its face. He'd live to fight another day, stronger unbroken but sure in himself that he could take whatever was going to be thrown his way.
This guy was going to be back for more, as sure as the day is long - he was hooked already.
One hundred percent, a hot-wired electo Hog.
Man, don't you just crave that throbbing pulse?

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  1. Fuck was that hot and the pics of his cock were breath taking!