Thursday, 31 March 2011

Adventures with Yaakov.

Now we all have those guys who we notice from the corner of our eye as we enter a club or bar. 
We might even see them week by week… then, over time, curiosity, and lust just take over, and the brain between our legs takes responsibility for cementing the connection – literally.

I guess it was that way with me and Yaakov Erin. He sure isn’t the shy and retiring type, but that said, there’s nothing hotter than a smouldering stud, playing it cool across the dance floor. It had taken us a while to get our horned up ass’s together – but sometimes that works in your favour. Frustration can be one explosive state of being.

So when this hot stud called me for an off the cuff meet, it wasn't hard to drop everything and head over to check him out in broad daylight.
The guy is one neatly put together bull-stud.  Tall, tattooed, broad shouldered, light body hair, with one hell of a mohawk mane. I recon we could smell the arousal long before we caught sight of each other.

I was dressed for whoring - cowboy hat, tee pulled up over my tits to show off my pecs, and a set of well-worn denims.  I guess we both liked what we saw cause it wasn’t long before we were lengthways on the bed making out. Tongue wrapped around tongue, filling each other’s mouth with flesh and spit, getting to grips face first, and starting to explore every body inch, muscle by muscle.

Didn’t take us long before our cocks were raging, breaking out of our tight packed jeans, with our fists gripping and stroking our swollen meat. Man I needed it bad, and this fella was hungry for action.
His hot wet mouth worked on my dick, his hands massaging my heavy cum tanks. This boy sure knew the meaning of multi tasking, and there was nothing I could do but give as good as I got, tugging on his tits, slappin’ those rounded ass cheeks, and opening up his hot, tight butt-hole. This guys ass was goin’ to be a challenge, but knowing the prize that lay ahead, it was all I could do not to flip him over right there and then and rape his hole raw.
Yaak grabbed my tool and pushed the greased up cockhead right up to his puckered hole. Man, he wanted it, and he was going to take it - whatever the cost.
He lowered his body weight onto the throbbing dick – working the swollen head through his wall of muscle… it sure felt good to me, and by the grimace on his face it sure felt like hell-heaven to this pain pig.

Then, pop! The dickhead broke through the sphincter, the raging meat was inside the fella’s warm gut, sliding, riding… starting to work the guys butt-hole harder…. enjoying every inch of the ride as he lifted his whole body up, down, over and over… man he was good, riding his man like a jockey controlling his stallion, initiating and responding to every movement, every thrust met with a counter stroke. Two men joined by their flesh, the impaled and impaler, working together, lost in sex. Fucker, fuckee. Who’s fucking who in this mass of flesh and body heat - pounding, sweating, ball draining intensity? 
Pure male, pure animal. Flesh to flesh, man to man.

Faster, harder, the spunk rising deep inside us, balls slapping, my cock pounding that deep tight channel. Man this was going to be one hell of a climax. I wanted to cream that hole, and he needed my seed like his life depended on it.
He grabbed me by the sac and tugged hard on my junk, my dick lurched deep into his belly, this was it, my cock veins pulsed deep in his ass like an electrode blast to his soul, triggering his spunk load to squirt like a stream from his rock solid cock. Our dicks pulsed simultaneously… giving, draining, shooting, hot white loads of our pure male juice.
Yaakov was covered in his own warm jizz, and full loaded with mine. We were pigged out and enjoying the explosion of energy as it raced though every vein of our bodies. Hearts pounding, sweat dripping, breathing deep and slow. My cock still embedded deep in this guys cum filled hole, gripped tight, not wanting to let go.
That was one damn fine afternoon’s play. Looking forward to a return match sometime soon. Already needing it bad, already building a hot load.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Editing Appearance!

Are you the kind of guy that lays his clothes out the night before, or someone who grabs whatever is clean (or not so clean) and easy to slide into as you run out of the door in the morning?
Me, I fall between two stools - as they say. Special occasions I try to put some thought into it, but sometimes you can catch me running down the road in some far flung Sim with my ass hanging out and a few odd attachments still clinging to my body from a let's-not-go-into-it-now event the night before.
Easy to sort out, but at my age you'd think I'd have an easy outfit pre-prepared, and ready to load in a couple of seconds. Sadly not, I've still not got it together.
So if you catch me looking a bit rough around the edges (and its not for the want of trying).... just turn the other way, and with luck and some careful 'editing appearance', all will be sorted next time you see me.
That said - at least the laundry bill in Second Life is cheap, and for that matter, the clothes (at least the good ones) are great value too,  but finding the time to get yourself looking good, dressed to impress, and making sure that your cock is on straight..... that can take some real dedication!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hotboy's Hot Night Link

Muli-talented, mega-woof DJ Hotboy sets out his identity parade of the usual, and not-so-usual suspects locked down in Tuesday night's cellblock party.
Up against the wall and spread em' fellas!
Check out Hotboy's prison riot shots - here.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Men of Man Country

There's a good reason that the club is called The Bullring, and an equally good reason why the party sessions at Gay Fun World are called Man Country.
The talent on offer never ceases to amaze me, and a friendlier bunch of guys would be hard to find.
So.... Woof! Oink! Grrr!
See you next Tuesday!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Cool Saturday at 3 Bears Resort


Chilled setting, cool party... the raft at 3 Bears sure is a beautiful place to hang n swing, and a fine bunch of guys were riding the timbers. Saturday night being Saturday night, I'm not always able to make it... but I'm sure going to put it in the diary for the future.

Is This the Cleverest Piece of Clothing In SL or What?!

Just when you think you've seen everything, and maybe filled up your closet with all there is on offer, low-and-behold.... along comes a piece of tailoring genius!
The item in question is Cox Leather's new Green Bomber Jacket. Its a total re-invention of the classic we know and love... and best of all it hangs open to show off those abs you've been working on all winter.
Check it out, and a big round of applause for Cox!
(Now if only I could persuade Stan to supply a bulge for the skin jeans...)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Ages of Man

Part of the fun of SL is in playing around with your AV's body... (and other peoples!).
It's great that most skins portray guys and girls from their youth to their prime but have you ever wondered what your AV might look like if real life years were to take their toll?
Hard living, experience, a few too many late nights... those lines tell a story, and I recon that's pretty damn horny.
So fellas, throw away the moisturiser jar and maybe every now and again let those youngsters enjoy an older shade of man.
Good thing is... in Second Life - no arthritis!

Monday, 14 March 2011

It's a Lock-In.

We always guessed that there might be an up-side to prison.
Maybe it's the wall to wall studs. Maybe its the sniff of testosterone in the air.
This Tuesday we're heading for a lock-in at The Bullring, Gay Fun World.
So join the chain gang at the Man Country party - 12:00-2:00 SLT - 8:00-10:00 GMT.
DJ Hotboy Lockjaw in charge of the yard.
Cox Leather our sponsor and in charge of stores - so pick up Stan Storno's  latest horn-dawg prison overall  - you sure wont want to break out of this one!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Rubber Me Up!

In real life, leather and rubber go nipple to nipple, hand in hand. In second life rubber takes a bit of a back seat - depending upon just a hand full of pioneers to take us to the extreme. So snap into some latex and feel the second life second skin. A big thank you to kink boy Gerome for the inspiration - head to the rubber stores now and slick up - tight, cool, wet, controlled - you just got to try it!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Bold And The Beautiful IV

They just keep turning up thick n' fast, here's just a small sample of the fine and rare stallions who roll into town.
Ride em' cowboy - just dont stop.