Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Editing Appearance!

Are you the kind of guy that lays his clothes out the night before, or someone who grabs whatever is clean (or not so clean) and easy to slide into as you run out of the door in the morning?
Me, I fall between two stools - as they say. Special occasions I try to put some thought into it, but sometimes you can catch me running down the road in some far flung Sim with my ass hanging out and a few odd attachments still clinging to my body from a let's-not-go-into-it-now event the night before.
Easy to sort out, but at my age you'd think I'd have an easy outfit pre-prepared, and ready to load in a couple of seconds. Sadly not, I've still not got it together.
So if you catch me looking a bit rough around the edges (and its not for the want of trying).... just turn the other way, and with luck and some careful 'editing appearance', all will be sorted next time you see me.
That said - at least the laundry bill in Second Life is cheap, and for that matter, the clothes (at least the good ones) are great value too,  but finding the time to get yourself looking good, dressed to impress, and making sure that your cock is on straight..... that can take some real dedication!

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