Thursday, 28 April 2011

Do I Live In the Campest Country in the World?!

In answer to my own question - I think I do!
I sometimes think the most camp country might be Germany (they can unknowingly be very camp, and 'Eurovision' is coming up fast!), Australia tries pretty hard too, India has it's moments, but this week the UK will probably take the biscuit - the big pink buscuit with icing sugar sprinkled on it.
No other serious, self respecting country in the world would be out celebrating their Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang-style, castle dwelling, fairy tale family, as one of them gets hitched, quite like us.
Why do we do it? We don't know. We just can't help ourselves. Maybe it's simply because they are there, so why not?  Maybe because we don't know any better. Maybe it's the promise of a day off with alcohol later?
Get me a flight out of here right now!
They'll all be there, children and old ladies waving flags, grown men will no doubt cry, there'll be sailors, soldiers, vicars, a much loved old queen (Sir Elton John, that is) - it's a heady mix.
Shrek will be there... the entire cast of Toy Story... how can anyone not love it?!

This perpetual lottery winning family just roll on.. and on.. we laugh with them, we cry with them.
Gawd bless em - one and all.

Ps. If you are going to the wedding, you could do worse than to check out Ohio's Kilts  -  I heard Prince Harry's been to Ohio's and is going to be wearing one - and by the way, he's the one I'm going to marry, so hands off - ok?

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Thoughts on a Crucifiction.

Now I'm no angel, and I'm not a religious fella, in-fact I try to avoid it...
but some things are just plain obvious and I believe have to be said. So here goes with my post-Easter pulpit pounding message.

I wasn't sure if this was the right place..but since preachers focus on the intimate details of our love making from their pulpits...
what the hell - why not examine their behaviour from here?

As far as I'm concerned men have used the concept of 'God(s)' as an excuse for bad behaviour since time began.
'He' absolves us (or should I say our power brokers) of responsibility for most of our self inflicted horrors - genocide, war, ethnic cleansing (that sanitised way of saying - 'mass rape and slaughter is fine because 'they', the 'others', believe in a marginally different God to me')... trashing of the planet, you name it... we did it in the name of 'God', "God" gave us domain over the whole damn thing... yeah, right, weren't we the lucky ones!

Jesus however, well, I guess he probably lived. As it was taught to me, he was a man who challenged, and changed the known world. Amazing that his achievement, and spirit still resonate. The fact that his achievements were also wrapped up with the concept of God too.. well I guess it provided a powerful argument in the context of the time, and as an alternative to the Gods of the Roman oppressors.
He was a freedom fighter, a peaceful revolutionary, he overturned the certainties and the status quo.
He was progressive, a friend of the poor, a friend of the oppressed, a friend to prostitutes, friend even to his enemies. He looked down on no-one, or at least thats how I was told it as a kid.
You see I can go along with all that stuff. Its a way of living, and a way of accepting each other. It sets a kind of an example of the way people need to get on and pull together. Hey I might start a fan club!

So what's not to like? And why am I writing this here?
Well I'll tell ya, it's the Fundamentalist Christians, and Evangelists, they just aren't, er.. Christian!

 My observations below are not very scientific and believe me I'm no theologist, but since those guys don't like science...

Christ: inclusive...
Fundamentalists: holier than thou.

Christ: anti-establishment....
Fundamentalists: conservative.

Christ: promised heaven...
Fundamentalists: threaten hell.

Christ: preached love...
Fundamentalists: promote hate, condone murder.

Christ: threw the bankers out of the temple...
Fundamentalists: create huge cash-generating congregations.

Christ: sought truth...
Fundamentalists: make up 'creationism' to resolve credibility gaps in their old testament mythology.

You see a picture emerging? I could keep going till Christmas!

And what is the difference between a Christian and a Fundamentalist?
Well, I recon that a Christian follows the spirit and teachings of Christ... which illustrate the ways that a crazy mixed up human race might get along together and sort stuff out to our mutual benefit, while Fundamentalists are a bunch of not-too-bright men (sadly, 'it is written' - 'it is always to be men'), who pour over ancient, contradictory texts (which were themselves written, copied, re-written, by fallible men) to create their own, self serving view of the world, in order to exercise power over others (and no doubt, pull in some cash for themselves).

And why is all this a problem? Well I'll tell you.
As Western governments freak out about Muslim fundamentalists in the middle east, I believe that we should also be freaking out about the behaviour of our very own mischievious band of soul hungry nutters, those self aggrandising, self promoting, self appointed evangelical preachers.

Not happy with creating misery in their own back yard, now they head off to Africa to create trouble there... as if that continent needs them to do that!
And who do the fundamentalist christians blame for the ills of Africa? Yup, you guessed it the h-o-m-o-s-e-x-u-a-l-s.
Of course, yeah - we've always been known for our trouble making haven't we?! Getting girls pregnant... fights at the bar....

Yep, our home grown, money grabbing, bible-twisting terrorists head out to help the down trodden peoples of Africa to find someone even smaller and weaker to single out and tread down on (and maybe even cream off a few bucks to take home with them while they're at it). Very Christian.

And naturally, with decades of corruption and mis-management behind them, those weak, despotic rulers welcome with open arms anyone or anything to distract from their own failures. Famine, war, murder, rape, disease... nothing to do with the leaders, nope it's the h-o-m-o-s-e-x-u-a-l-s. Lets introduce life imprisonment, hey, maybe the death penalty, that will solve the 'problem' - cuckoo - thanks Mr President, thank you too God.

Religions have a lot to answer for. I have no doubt, there are a lot of Christians (and others) doing a lot of good around the world, and that is to be applauded, but these guys shame us all, Christian, atheist, agnostic, you got to take note, and we've got to start putting our foot down. They are as mad and bad as anything coming out of the middle east. Ok no suicide bombs yet I admit, but murder, beatings, and governmental oppression are kicking off big time purely as a result of there actions. Murder and incitement to murder are evil, and these guys preach it.

So there you have it. Fundamentalists ain't very Christian, and we, the ever so silent majority of moderates need to keep them in check, and western governments need to keep them at home - they are an export as deadly as toxic waste (and Africa doesn't need that either!).

Not sure what we can do for our  gay brothers and sisters in Africa as yet, just let them know we are here, watching, and damn those regressive forces that export homophobia whenever  and wherever we get the chance.

Here ends my Easter message. Torro.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter Eggs!

Happy Easter fellas!
Time to haul out those beautiful eggs this weekend - and if you can get your hands on em' why not haul out another guys too, and maybe take a bite.
These cream eggs are larger than life, full, heavy and loaded with protein. Much better for the six pack than the chocolate variety! Enjoy man eggs this Easter!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sex Mechanic.

The other part of the job is the structural engineering, making sure the place makes sense, no dead ends, and no endless treking across acres of empty floorspace (the curse of some places in Second Life). Yup I like to keep the clubs nice and tight, just the way I like my men.
New textures, new animations (if I find ones I like), the whole thing keeps growing, evolving, and I hope getting better. 
But if there's anything you think needs some attention, or you would like to have in there just let me know. Or maybe you're the kind of guy who would just like someone to take a look at his own bodywork, nuts tightening, or pipes cleaning out?  ...well I'd love to help you out there too.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tit Torture.

 I got to admit, if I see a set of bullet nips on a hot guy's chest, I get a primeval urge to take them in both hands and start working em' like there's no tomorrow - maybe gentle at first, through to no holds barred - yup, that includes my own!
Those pleasure centres are hot-wired to a fellas cock, and there's no denying the intensity that can come from a good, up-close-and-personal tit play session.
So suction cups to the ready men...  and let me at em.
 I'm more than happy for a two-way tit tuggin'... suckin'... chewin'... clampin'... lickin'... tyin'... Or just massage those meaty little fellas till we can take no more and are driven to nipple driven ecstasy!
There's nothing to beat a bit of multi-tasking where man on man pleasure is concerned, so the more a fella tunes into as many erogenous zones as possible, the wilder the sensations delivered.
If anyone knows of a good all male nipple play animation in SL let me know - its an area primed for attention and development. So Mr Howlett (master of all that is great in male animation beds), please, if you are listening out there... maybe the time is right for a stand-alone nipple crazy, pec pounding, tit torture animation package?
Shirts off and work those nips guys. Oink!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

White Hot Party People!

Spring was certainly in the air as The White Party pulled in record crowds of the handsome, the hot, and the horny.
DJ Hotboy pulled out all the stops, with floor fillin' wall to wall sounds, the guys on the dance floor made a real class-A effort to strut their stuff in all white dress code - and The Bullring scrubbed up nicely for the whiter than white event (if I say so myself!).
Click Here for The White Party Slideshow.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

700 Strong!

Over the last few weeks the Bullring's membership has taken a steady leap upwards and onwards, and now stands over 700 strong! So welcome to the new guys, I hope the longer standing members have welcomed you with open arms, (and maybe open legs!).
I know we might not be the biggest - and that's not the ambition, just that a hot body of like-minded men come together for fun and pleasure. But keep those ranks of studs swelling fellas, and if you are not yet a member but would like to be, just click the 'join' box in one of our clubs, we have a beer chillin' for you at the bar.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

The White Party.

The world over, the announcement of The White Party signals the launch of some of the hottest male on male events of the year. This Tuesday The Bullring at Gay Fun World hosts a party season first for Spring 2011. Not just another party, but The White Party.
If you are a Man Country regular, time to slip into something white, and dazzle your pals for this one off party to end all parties... If its your first time, you got to check this one out!
DJ Hotboy Lockjaw's vision brought to life by the Bullring beerbust team... Gay Fun World's Oiswiss De Quir, and sponsor - Cox Leather's Stan Storno... oh yeah, and lil' old me.
And if you are stuck for something to wear... no harm checking out Stan's white leather line you know that guy makes you look white hot!
Go on fellas, spring is here - splash out with something white!

12-2PM SLT / 8-10PM GMT

Monday, 4 April 2011

My Dancing Balls.

Ok lets face it, they've been around the block a few times. They're not the fanciest, or cleverest balls in Second Life, but they are mine, and I love em.
If you hang around The Bullring at Cargo City you will have noticed them hovering over the dance floor, just waiting to be touched, fully loaded, at your service, there to give you pleasure. You might even have tried them out?
Well, I thought it was about time they had a sprucing up. You'll now find em' fully loaded with brand new spunky stuff, and available at Gay Fun World, and Cape Horn too. If the mood takes you, just touch em and watch em dance - it sure will put a smile on my face.