Thursday, 28 April 2011

Do I Live In the Campest Country in the World?!

In answer to my own question - I think I do!
I sometimes think the most camp country might be Germany (they can unknowingly be very camp, and 'Eurovision' is coming up fast!), Australia tries pretty hard too, India has it's moments, but this week the UK will probably take the biscuit - the big pink buscuit with icing sugar sprinkled on it.
No other serious, self respecting country in the world would be out celebrating their Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang-style, castle dwelling, fairy tale family, as one of them gets hitched, quite like us.
Why do we do it? We don't know. We just can't help ourselves. Maybe it's simply because they are there, so why not?  Maybe because we don't know any better. Maybe it's the promise of a day off with alcohol later?
Get me a flight out of here right now!
They'll all be there, children and old ladies waving flags, grown men will no doubt cry, there'll be sailors, soldiers, vicars, a much loved old queen (Sir Elton John, that is) - it's a heady mix.
Shrek will be there... the entire cast of Toy Story... how can anyone not love it?!

This perpetual lottery winning family just roll on.. and on.. we laugh with them, we cry with them.
Gawd bless em - one and all.

Ps. If you are going to the wedding, you could do worse than to check out Ohio's Kilts  -  I heard Prince Harry's been to Ohio's and is going to be wearing one - and by the way, he's the one I'm going to marry, so hands off - ok?

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  1. Get in line, Torro, you should be able to squeeze in somewhere 40 meters behind me! ;)