Monday, 30 May 2011

Farewell Second Pride 2011

Well, that was second pride for 2011... a round the clock seven day social whirl of dancing....dancing... and - i guess - dancing.
Despite the live acts I recon those DJ's kept the whole thing going. Their decks must be molten and their vinyl worn smooth. I hope those guys and girls got plenty of good tips, they sure deserve them.
I suppose the big difference between RL Pride and SL Pride might well be the public visibility... a chance to strut our stuff in places we don't usually go to, in front of people we don't usually see. A sense of imposing ourselves on a world that doesn't always want to acknowledge us, which, naturally is always good for a laugh or two.
Still, with luck, one or two straight people might have ventured over to visit Second Pride, or stumbled across us over the past week and hopefully had a good time too.
Then there was the fund raising, for a great cause. I hope the Second Pride team are pleased with the result $L199,500 ($7,429)* not bad for virtual beings!
I might go back there and put in the extra L$500!
So just 358 days to go before the next one. Here's hoping that by then the world will be a slightly gayer place and that some of the haters out there learn that they really are wasting their time...
relax fellas, our freedom is your freedom too.
(* As at 1pm SLT Monday 30th May)

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Fetish Pride.

All the big guns were out for the Fetish Pride party this evening. Hosted at the fetish capital of SL - Folsom Fetish University, some of the horniest looking alpha set strutted there ample stuff on one of the hottest tickets of the week.
DJ Hotboy pointed out just how many of gay community's business owners... bar owners.. and store owners were in town for one of the high points of this busy pride week. Awesome work all round.

Harvey Milk Exhibition.

Yep, I know the Harvey Milk exhibition has been mentioned by my brother (and sister) bloggers but it is slightly tucked away from the main pride events - so worth as many mentions as possible.
At first glance I thought... mmmm might be a bit wordy for this attention deficit medium... but the second you engage with the first slide you realise its a well presented, neatly edited summary of Harvey's story. The genius lies in the video clips - very neatly packaged and adding real depth to this gem of a pride event.
Click here for the SLURL.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Pimp My Pride.

Pride is always a colourful affair but some people just take it to whole new dimensions. Bright clothes are the first step, but the particle magic of SL gets real trippy - and the rainbow pyrotechnics really kick off after dark.
Here are just a few reminders of just how spectacular some people  have been this week.
(Memo to self... 'must try harder!')

Friday, 27 May 2011

Balls - Hand 'Em Over!

Spunk-pumpin... jock-fillin... cum-churning... mouth-waterin... low-hangin... tongue-temptin... sweat-tastin... jiz-juicin... sex-drivin... bull-bustin... rock-rollin... ass-slappin... testosterone-loadin... sac-stretchin... stone-stompin... sperm-squirtin... grip-twistin... hand-squeezin... stud-breakin... man-makin... Balls!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Bullring Second Pride Party

It was a heady mix - and arriving fashionably late as ever, (being the middle of the night here in old London town - I'd gone to bed and fallen asleep!) I landed slap bang in the middle of an already throbbing fun-fuelled mass of 24 hour party people.
Pulling the laptop under the sheets with me I settled into some heavy people watching, and jaw-dropping rainbow effects that some of the guys brought along with them.
Mr Lockjaw pulled out all the stops with his no-holds-barred sexy set, and brought together a fine looking crowd down at the LGBT Gateway.
Mixing big heart tugging anthems with down 'n dirty cock tugging club tracks DJ Hotboy sure created a unique night for a unique collection of international pleasure seekers. Always rewarding and surprising his regular followers, I recon he probably recruited a whole new set of fans last night too.
Never have two hours flown by so fast!
So today's a day to wake up slowly and nurse the super-charged hangover.
Thank you to everyone who made it a party to be proud of. Torro.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Fabulous Willilicious!

Dishing out more fun than you can shake a stick at (and that guy was shaking a few sticks!), the fabulous DJ Willilicious entertained the pride troops with all love guns blazing this afternoon (afternoon where I am, that is).
This guy is out 'n proud in more ways than one - just the way it should be! We need more Willi!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Cool Man Drew

I woke up uncharacteristically early this morning to find an invitation to DJ Drew Meribourne's session over at the Second Pride dance floor, and it was a great way to start the day. Sexy man Drew pulled together a cool pride tribe for a well judged set which left me feeling pretty damn lucky that I caught the invite. Already looking forward to the next time.

Monday, 23 May 2011

The Art Of Golden Gate Bridge.

If you get a chance to take time out from one of the events at Golden Gate Park, it's worth taking a stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge to Fisherman's Wharf and check out the superb collection of Second Life (and real life) artworks currently on show as part of SOMA's 'Walking Canvas III' exhibition. The exhibition continues inside the gallery, and on show are some great images and artworks.
Not to be missed are the epic renaissance style images by the Men of Alcatraz and The Men of Blow Buddies (Leonardo Da Vinci would be proud of you!). Also watch out for Elros Tuominem's 3D Kinetic sculptures (amongst others)- just stand there and marvel.
Above are snaps of a small sample of just some of my favourites... (but rest assured there are many more!)... so well done to everyone involved - this is SL talent to shout about and SOMA a real asset.
Click here for the SLurl to SOMA

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Meet Me at the Love Parade.

Up in my workshop I was busy this week, for one thing, building The BulIring's float for the Second Pride parade.
It turned out to be a sort of Trojian bull, and looked pretty damn fancy - if I say so myself!
Sadly the Parade wasn't to be - due to technical difficulties (not an easy thing to put together, I'm sure).
So having kept it under wraps, I'm now free to show the Bullring's contribution.
Here's wishing Second Pride every success with the rest of the celebrations this week.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

New Look Man Country.

There's a whole new look to Thursday nights, with a new intimate feel to The Bullring - Gay Fun World.
DJ Hotboy Lockjaw will be pounding the dance floor with his testosterone driven tracks, with Cox Leather sponsoring the event at the liveliest sim in Second Life.
Check out a big new country - Man Country Thursdays.
12-2PM SLT/8-10PM GMT

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Bullring at Second Pride

We're sure looking forward to the week-long celebrations of Second Pride.
When? 22-29th May 2011
Where? San Francisco Golden Gate Park Sim - Second Life
There's an action packed agenda, so check it out - and don't miss the Bullring Party slap bang in the centre of things on Wednesday 25th May.
This year the event supports The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.
...and the theme this year is, appropriately - international.
Look out for The Bullring float in the opening parade.
The parade takes place Sunday 22nd May at 12pm SLT.
Time to get out 'n proud.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Cox Teaser!

It may be the most ambitious product in the whole Cox Leather range - and it's so detailed you can smell the leather! Its a work of art.
Yup, the new biker jacket is worth a close inspection and worth every penny for any self respecting leatherman.
It's one of the few jackets in second life that you can slip into and yet still show off your pecs and six pack - that is one hell of an achievement!
Time to slip into something hotter.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

More Nipple Work...

One guy delivers a mean tit play animation in Second Life... and that's my old friend Ayalev Vuckovic. You might want to check out his store, lots of hard core animations at the pigboi end of the spectrum (so not for the feint hearted). He's one of the best around, with a pervy mind and a specialisation in the less vanilla side of life.
Check out his goods at: AYALEV'S DIRTY SPIRE SHOP   Ayalev's Store slurl.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Back in Business!

Wow, that was a long and unexpected break from the blog! So big apologies for the radio silence. One thing I never figured on was that some places in the world just don't allow their citizens to blog (or for that matter - their visitors!). I guess we just take it for granted that we have access to sit down and publish what ever comes into our heads. So - great to be back in the lands of the free. Once the jet lag passes - I'll get the old juices flowing again.