Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Bullring Second Pride Party

It was a heady mix - and arriving fashionably late as ever, (being the middle of the night here in old London town - I'd gone to bed and fallen asleep!) I landed slap bang in the middle of an already throbbing fun-fuelled mass of 24 hour party people.
Pulling the laptop under the sheets with me I settled into some heavy people watching, and jaw-dropping rainbow effects that some of the guys brought along with them.
Mr Lockjaw pulled out all the stops with his no-holds-barred sexy set, and brought together a fine looking crowd down at the LGBT Gateway.
Mixing big heart tugging anthems with down 'n dirty cock tugging club tracks DJ Hotboy sure created a unique night for a unique collection of international pleasure seekers. Always rewarding and surprising his regular followers, I recon he probably recruited a whole new set of fans last night too.
Never have two hours flown by so fast!
So today's a day to wake up slowly and nurse the super-charged hangover.
Thank you to everyone who made it a party to be proud of. Torro.

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  1. Darn sorry I missed it, but I was fast asleep at that time! ;)