Monday, 30 May 2011

Farewell Second Pride 2011

Well, that was second pride for 2011... a round the clock seven day social whirl of dancing....dancing... and - i guess - dancing.
Despite the live acts I recon those DJ's kept the whole thing going. Their decks must be molten and their vinyl worn smooth. I hope those guys and girls got plenty of good tips, they sure deserve them.
I suppose the big difference between RL Pride and SL Pride might well be the public visibility... a chance to strut our stuff in places we don't usually go to, in front of people we don't usually see. A sense of imposing ourselves on a world that doesn't always want to acknowledge us, which, naturally is always good for a laugh or two.
Still, with luck, one or two straight people might have ventured over to visit Second Pride, or stumbled across us over the past week and hopefully had a good time too.
Then there was the fund raising, for a great cause. I hope the Second Pride team are pleased with the result $L199,500 ($7,429)* not bad for virtual beings!
I might go back there and put in the extra L$500!
So just 358 days to go before the next one. Here's hoping that by then the world will be a slightly gayer place and that some of the haters out there learn that they really are wasting their time...
relax fellas, our freedom is your freedom too.
(* As at 1pm SLT Monday 30th May)

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  1. I did go back, just to have the pleasure of making it hit the L$200,000 mark! Kerrrr-ching!