Thursday, 30 June 2011

Talking Dirty.

Hands up! One of the pleasures of SL is hooking up with a fella and getting down and dirty at the keyboard. When its good.. its very good, just great getting into the mind of a guy and working the whole thing through together to an Earth moving climax.
The art is to work the erogenous zones of the mind to greater and greater effect, building the intensity, moving onwards and upwards to the next hot spot for attention - and multi tasking like crazy with every available part of your body.
For me, it don't work so good when a fella is too trigger happy... clicking the sex bed every couple of seconds before a scenario has time to take shape. I reckon you got to build up a sweat through some imagination and connectivity with the guy you're humping. The big challenge in Second Life text chat is... vocabulary.
I just can't get the hot, horny, sweat generating words out fast enough... and I sometimes run the risk of running out of words... which would be tragic.
with that in mind I thought I might start a Bullring Thesaurus - taking a basic word like 'fuck' and expanding upon it... and with a bit of luck and some help from you guys out there building it up, so we need never run out of the horny text chat we need.

fuck, pound, pump, rape, stretch, open up, ride, slide, drive, fill, hump, pile drive, screw, ass-fuck, plough,
seed, breed...  you get the picture?

Feel free to add your own!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Male Icons 4: Hot Hustler

In the early 70's there was one guy who stood out from the crowd. Through his work in films 'Heat', 'Flesh', Trash' (and many others), he was and is, underground cinema's number one stud and star.
The mighty Joe Dallesandro was one hell of a role model for any self respecting hustler-to-be, and gave us the look that shaped a generation of street cruising men.
Always quick to slip out of those tight fitting t-shirts and shorts Joe always delivered. He gets The Bullring lifetime achievement award for services to hot.

Lazy Saturday.

Nursing a hangover, still not changed from last nights clubbing....time to hit the shower and rest up.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Famous Five!

Oiswiss De Quir's amazing 'Famous Five' kicked off an epic, co-ordinated, five club event last night. Each of the five stages, drawn from Gay Fun World's classic club nights, pulling in a great crowd over the three hours of the non stop fun fest.
The Bullring's hottest advocate DJ Hotboy Lockjaw pulled in the studs and kept them sweatin, movin, and groovin. He also kitted out the whole Bullring floor with some of the horniest bull pics around... now that's one dedicated beef lovin fella. Woof and double woof!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Thinking of Remodelling?

Man, I better get down to the gym!  Anyone thinking of doing a little personal development to their AV, could do worse than to head over to the Big Dudes blog and check out this fella - he makes for a great blueprint!
He's the current Mr Louisiana, and my very own Mr Universe! (well, ok - in my dreams!).
He's Caleb, and has had some 'just-on-the-boundaries-of-realism' enhancement done by BMD the master in the art of beefcake manipulation. Though I reckon his subject made life easy in this case. Check out his blog images.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Cut or Uncut?

All cock is good cock - right?
Well the debate is kicking off as to whether or not parents have the right to deny their male offspring of their foreskins.
That once fashionable snip is now increasingly being seen as a denial of a guy's human right to enter the world with his body intact and un-mutilated by cultural, religious, or parental preference.
For centuries, cock-clippin'-clerics have been lording it over their followers penises whether the victims wanted it or not. But now the guys are fighting back, and asking the question of their prick-pinching-parents 'what the fuck do you think you were doing?!' (or words to that effect).
I'm with them on that. I love cocks, cut or uncut, but I reckon it should be a man's own choice.
And to the religions who demand it - are you really saying you can improve on your god's own work?!
I dont think so - its more likely you just want to get your hands in your congregations pants, marking your fellas for life, and reminding them who's boss every time they whip out their dick.
At least in Second Life foreskin is a matter of choice.. and you can chop (if you'll pardon the expression) or change as you see fit. The bad news is that I've yet to see an uncut dick in Second Life that looks as realistic or quite as tasty as a real life hoodie!
Which side are you hanging on the subject?

Friday, 17 June 2011

Male Icons 3: Leather-Clad Loner.

So were you a Superman sort of guy or a Batman fella?
For me, it was always Batman. Both heros have a lot going for them, and a few things in common, but somehow Batman always had the edge. Maybe it was the tight rubber/leather look outfit, maybe the mask, or maybe the armoury of gadgets to pursue, disarm and control.
More fetish iconography than one guy could ever hope for.
Troubled, detached, an exciting secretive double life. A young male companion. On the edge of right and wrong.
Yup, Batman sure has a lot going on that sends out big bright bat signals to any young gay fella.

And I've not been able to bring myself to take of the darn outfit since I put it on!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Truck Stop, F**k Stop.

I think I'm about to declare Mark Weigle's 'Mr Trucker Man', the official Bullring club anthem - the lyrics sure uphold the spirit, morals, and attitude of the place, and of the horned up fellas in it.
If you've not heard this truck stoppin' classic... head over to i-tunes for a hot download of man music:

Mr Trucker Man.

Hey there Mr Trucker Man,
I heard your zipper fallin',
I come running across this lot
to see what you been haulin'.

Hey there Mr Trucker Man,
wanna lighten up your load?
Peel on back that fat gear shift
and drop it down my throat.

Hey there Mr Trucker Man,
these men givin' you trouble?
Vibration making you crazy,
chew these rocks to rubble.

Hey there Mr Trucker Man,
never had your luck not licked?
If I can get your legs up far enough,
you're goin' to find out what you've missed.

Hey there Mr Trucker Man,
you don't like to shower do you?
Bury my face in that greasy pit
and take my tongue to you.

Hey there Mr Trucker Man,
grease that axle good,
Plant my feet on the roof of your rig,
and check under my hood.

Hey there Mr Trucker Man,
I ain't goin' to try to kiss ya,
When you roll out of here an hour from now,
I sure am goin' to miss ya.

Now there's a song to lighten up any guy's load! Yeeeeaaahhhaaww!
And a big thanks to DJ Hotboy for introducing me to it.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Top This!

100% Top... 100% bottom... ?
Me? Well, I never say never.
Sure, my first inclination might be to pound a hot fellas ass from dusk to dawn, but I'm not one to deny myself a bit of role reversal, if the chemistry is right and the sweat flows that way.
What am I trying to say here?
Well, I guess the only thing I'm 100% sure about is - if it feels good do it!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Which Cock Today Fellas?

The Xcite 4

The Realasm Gold

The Sculpty- Freebie (with my own modifications)

One worry that we have in Second Life, that we don't have (yet) in real life, is deciding which penis to wear when we get up in the morning.
I guess its an evolutionary thing. You start off with a freebie - that looks like a pink broom handle, then improve your  most vital SL body part as time goes by, and you find out what suits you best.
The big balancing act seems to be between ease of use (yet with realistic looks and the features you need), and the cock 'system' that compiles multiple choices in one product. 
The big problem there is making sure your equipment is set up nicely before you find yourself pinned to a sex bed, 'detaching' boots, and 'taking off' underpants, in front of your latest trick!
Above are three of my favourite cocks... the first, my current is the Xcite 4. I use this one in its most basic way - it's packed with features that I'll never use, but hey, it looks good and once you've passed the phd in information technology its a doddle!
The second is also currently in my 'body parts' file, the Realasm Gold. A good standby, it looks good, tastes good, and always shoots at the time you trigger it (and will cum and cum over and over, until cyberspace finally comes to an end, should you or your buddy need it to). 
The third is one of my earliest. Its called a Sculpty Freebie Cock (but I re-named it the Horse-cock, for obvious reasons). I'm not sure who gave it to me, but I had a lot of fun using it, and learning to manually re-size, add colour, textures and additional scripts (I also gave it a nice set of low-hangers - which are great when you are upright, but defy gravity when you're on your back with your legs in the air!). That penis sure drew a crowd!
So cocks are a big preoccupation in SL. We thank the SL gods that we have fellas out there working on our genitals for us, to give us all the piercings, tattoos, piss, cum, pubic hair options we could ever wish for, and  also lay out our hard earned cash for.
If you know of any great new dick development let us know. 
At first glance it looks like every possibility has been catered for, but if you can think of any things those guys might have missed, drop me a line - you never know who's reading.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Tattoo Me.

The inked guys are taking over at The Bullring Cargo City with
some fine moody photo samples from the not-to-be-missed book-'Turnon: Tattoos' -from publisher Bruno Gmunder. Anyone considering having a tattoo, or adding to their collection, should take a look at this book - every page expands the imagination with some great looking fellas making it a page turning feast for the eye.
In the afterword, Robert G. Ridgeway asks ' Is it wrong I get hard every time I get tattooed?'
I'd say 'no' Robert, the whole subject get's me hard.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Male Icons 2: Big Swinging Dicks

Ok, I'm on a roll now... following the Renaissance Man, I've been thinking long and hard (as if there's any other way for a fella to think!) about other images that caught my attention as I was growing up. Which led me to remember Eadweard Muybridge and his photo studies of 'The Human Figure in Motion' .
This guy caught my attention pretty damn quick (the one in the background - not me!).
One hell of a bull stud... built, strong, great ass, and one big swinging dick...
He goes straight into my art academy of hot!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

...Now With Added Willi!

There's something about Willi - Willilicious that is (now that's a name to wrap your tongue around!).
I caught him a couple of times over at the Second Pride gateway... and he sure has an attitude that's got to be admired, and can only fill you with homo happiness.
So check out his blog... now listed here, and see if you can catch him in the flesh sometime.
And watch out fellas... I think that thing is loaded!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Male Icons 1: Renaissance Man.

Ok, maybe the hair's not right, but Leonardo was pretty well spot-on with everything else!
(No fellas - that's Da Vinci, not Dicaprio!).
Away from the clubs and bars of SL it's still possible to have a few homo-erotic moments. Not least, working with this - quite literally a queer classic.
I think just about every horned school kid just loves checking out those renaissance sketches, and sculptures... I sure know I did - It was like being given access to porn, with the art teachers consent - but maybe, looking back, I shouldn't have stared for quite so long?!
All these years later I still love this fella - 'L'uomo vitruviano' (Vitruvian Man to you and me). There's no doubt that he'll be there turning on the fellas just about forever with a bit of luck, long after the current porn stars have cum 'n gone - and now I'm sandwiched in there, you never know maybe this could be my bid for immortality too 'L uomo SL'.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful V

Just some of the movers and shakers from The Bullring over the past few weeks.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Grind 'n Slide.

It's a beautiful thing. It's trippy as hell. Its Regi Yifu's floating, rotating, colour-changing dance poll - (but what a mouthful!).
One click and you are off! Working the full length of Regi's disco pole while hovering in mid air is a very enjoyable experience... even better you're naked (but being a modest sort of guy I kept my jock on for this shoot).
Regi left the dance pole over at The Bullring after Tuesday's party, where he gave us an eyeful of his very own (and considerable) pole dancing skills! Woof!
So I couldn't resist hopping on and having a go - it's a great work-out.
I now recon that no club should be without one.
Grind 'n slide. Grind 'n slide. It's a brand new form of sex. Take a long slow ride on Regi's pole!

Needless to say - the multi-talented Regi not only creates some of the best crazy-hypnotic clubbing products in Second life (to be found in his exceptional Regimade Store) but the horny stud is also our very own MR GAY 2011. Mmm, brains and looks - some people have it all!

Check out Regi's store. Click here for the SLURL

The New Stuff.

Always keen to keep the place feeling up to date with new discoveries, there's a new batch of equipment at Cargo City Bullring. I've been trying out D I O 's 'Fine Fucking Furniture' in a few places. In the Gym area we got their Workout Bench,
down in the Spa theres a new Locker Room Bench, along side the D I O Bunk Beds for fellas looking for a quick afternoon nap - with extras!
Also check out the new D I O Urinals in the men's room. I'll be interested to hear what you think about the animations and positions... all feedback welcome. So far the new items seem to be drawing a lot of attention, and action. If you've not tried them yet check 'em out sometime soon.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Party On!

After a little bit of to-ing and fro-ing Man Country settled back into its Tuesday slot, thankfully without the technical troubles of the past (and lets hope those glitches are well and truly behind us!).
So here we go! The circus rolls on with DJ Hotboy pulling out all the stops to create one of Second Life's raunchiest weekly nights for the fellas, and host Jolney settling in to his regular hosting spot like a true pro.
I got to say - I thought after a week of Second Pride gigs I (to say nothing of Hotboy!!) might well have suffered party overload, but Mr Lockjaw was raring to go, and pulled together what seemed like a totally new sound that,  was well 'n truly fresh - I don't know how the fella does it, but it felt like the kick off for a brand new season, and if tonight was anything to go by, its going to be a hot one!
If you missed it, I sure hope you can slip into something sexy and join us for the next one.
Check out the party slideshow here!