Thursday, 2 June 2011

Grind 'n Slide.

It's a beautiful thing. It's trippy as hell. Its Regi Yifu's floating, rotating, colour-changing dance poll - (but what a mouthful!).
One click and you are off! Working the full length of Regi's disco pole while hovering in mid air is a very enjoyable experience... even better you're naked (but being a modest sort of guy I kept my jock on for this shoot).
Regi left the dance pole over at The Bullring after Tuesday's party, where he gave us an eyeful of his very own (and considerable) pole dancing skills! Woof!
So I couldn't resist hopping on and having a go - it's a great work-out.
I now recon that no club should be without one.
Grind 'n slide. Grind 'n slide. It's a brand new form of sex. Take a long slow ride on Regi's pole!

Needless to say - the multi-talented Regi not only creates some of the best crazy-hypnotic clubbing products in Second life (to be found in his exceptional Regimade Store) but the horny stud is also our very own MR GAY 2011. Mmm, brains and looks - some people have it all!

Check out Regi's store. Click here for the SLURL

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