Friday, 17 June 2011

Male Icons 3: Leather-Clad Loner.

So were you a Superman sort of guy or a Batman fella?
For me, it was always Batman. Both heros have a lot going for them, and a few things in common, but somehow Batman always had the edge. Maybe it was the tight rubber/leather look outfit, maybe the mask, or maybe the armoury of gadgets to pursue, disarm and control.
More fetish iconography than one guy could ever hope for.
Troubled, detached, an exciting secretive double life. A young male companion. On the edge of right and wrong.
Yup, Batman sure has a lot going on that sends out big bright bat signals to any young gay fella.

And I've not been able to bring myself to take of the darn outfit since I put it on!!

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  1. Haha great post, and I can totally understand why you would keep that outfit on. It looks really awesome!