Saturday, 25 June 2011

Male Icons 4: Hot Hustler

In the early 70's there was one guy who stood out from the crowd. Through his work in films 'Heat', 'Flesh', Trash' (and many others), he was and is, underground cinema's number one stud and star.
The mighty Joe Dallesandro was one hell of a role model for any self respecting hustler-to-be, and gave us the look that shaped a generation of street cruising men.
Always quick to slip out of those tight fitting t-shirts and shorts Joe always delivered. He gets The Bullring lifetime achievement award for services to hot.


  1. Oh yes he was great. Thanks

  2. Got to thinking at one time I had some of his movies. He was truly hot. Be nice to find a DVD of him. Can not forget him for that tattoo Joe on his are. He was one of my idles. Once again thanks

  3. Glad you liked him too Carl - it's been a while since I saw the films though. I must re-visit them sometime soon.