Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Party On!

After a little bit of to-ing and fro-ing Man Country settled back into its Tuesday slot, thankfully without the technical troubles of the past (and lets hope those glitches are well and truly behind us!).
So here we go! The circus rolls on with DJ Hotboy pulling out all the stops to create one of Second Life's raunchiest weekly nights for the fellas, and host Jolney settling in to his regular hosting spot like a true pro.
I got to say - I thought after a week of Second Pride gigs I (to say nothing of Hotboy!!) might well have suffered party overload, but Mr Lockjaw was raring to go, and pulled together what seemed like a totally new sound that,  was well 'n truly fresh - I don't know how the fella does it, but it felt like the kick off for a brand new season, and if tonight was anything to go by, its going to be a hot one!
If you missed it, I sure hope you can slip into something sexy and join us for the next one.
Check out the party slideshow here!

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