Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Male Icons 1: Renaissance Man.

Ok, maybe the hair's not right, but Leonardo was pretty well spot-on with everything else!
(No fellas - that's Da Vinci, not Dicaprio!).
Away from the clubs and bars of SL it's still possible to have a few homo-erotic moments. Not least, working with this - quite literally a queer classic.
I think just about every horned school kid just loves checking out those renaissance sketches, and sculptures... I sure know I did - It was like being given access to porn, with the art teachers consent - but maybe, looking back, I shouldn't have stared for quite so long?!
All these years later I still love this fella - 'L'uomo vitruviano' (Vitruvian Man to you and me). There's no doubt that he'll be there turning on the fellas just about forever with a bit of luck, long after the current porn stars have cum 'n gone - and now I'm sandwiched in there, you never know maybe this could be my bid for immortality too 'L uomo SL'.

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