Thursday, 30 June 2011

Talking Dirty.

Hands up! One of the pleasures of SL is hooking up with a fella and getting down and dirty at the keyboard. When its good.. its very good, just great getting into the mind of a guy and working the whole thing through together to an Earth moving climax.
The art is to work the erogenous zones of the mind to greater and greater effect, building the intensity, moving onwards and upwards to the next hot spot for attention - and multi tasking like crazy with every available part of your body.
For me, it don't work so good when a fella is too trigger happy... clicking the sex bed every couple of seconds before a scenario has time to take shape. I reckon you got to build up a sweat through some imagination and connectivity with the guy you're humping. The big challenge in Second Life text chat is... vocabulary.
I just can't get the hot, horny, sweat generating words out fast enough... and I sometimes run the risk of running out of words... which would be tragic.
with that in mind I thought I might start a Bullring Thesaurus - taking a basic word like 'fuck' and expanding upon it... and with a bit of luck and some help from you guys out there building it up, so we need never run out of the horny text chat we need.

fuck, pound, pump, rape, stretch, open up, ride, slide, drive, fill, hump, pile drive, screw, ass-fuck, plough,
seed, breed...  you get the picture?

Feel free to add your own!


  1. I get the picture. Dirty talk is so erotic. I am at times at a loss for words. Wanting the find the dirtiest work to express a thought. Great article.

  2. Excellent post, Torro!

    I agree with you, some people have a tendency to rush things in a totally unacceptable way when having chat-, voice- or phone sex - but then I think the same people do it while having sex also. Quickies can be fine sometimes, but have never really been my cup of tea..

    Once upon a time I used to say I should start giving classes to them... but I have given up on that particular idea. ;) Nowadays I just don´t want to have sex at all, which feels rather strange also...