Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Truck Stop, F**k Stop.

I think I'm about to declare Mark Weigle's 'Mr Trucker Man', the official Bullring club anthem - the lyrics sure uphold the spirit, morals, and attitude of the place, and of the horned up fellas in it.
If you've not heard this truck stoppin' classic... head over to i-tunes for a hot download of man music:

Mr Trucker Man.

Hey there Mr Trucker Man,
I heard your zipper fallin',
I come running across this lot
to see what you been haulin'.

Hey there Mr Trucker Man,
wanna lighten up your load?
Peel on back that fat gear shift
and drop it down my throat.

Hey there Mr Trucker Man,
these men givin' you trouble?
Vibration making you crazy,
chew these rocks to rubble.

Hey there Mr Trucker Man,
never had your luck not licked?
If I can get your legs up far enough,
you're goin' to find out what you've missed.

Hey there Mr Trucker Man,
you don't like to shower do you?
Bury my face in that greasy pit
and take my tongue to you.

Hey there Mr Trucker Man,
grease that axle good,
Plant my feet on the roof of your rig,
and check under my hood.

Hey there Mr Trucker Man,
I ain't goin' to try to kiss ya,
When you roll out of here an hour from now,
I sure am goin' to miss ya.

Now there's a song to lighten up any guy's load! Yeeeeaaahhhaaww!
And a big thanks to DJ Hotboy for introducing me to it.

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