Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Art And Lifestyle

Chris Lopez is a fine, man-lovin' artist worth a long hard look. 
Painter, photographer, Chris has an eye for the sexier side of all things male - check out his gallery and blog. 
Hot with a capital 'H'
The Chris Lopez blog - Art And Lifestyle


  1. Very nice art there. I like his use of the (wow! hot) men with the different types of layers to express a specific emotion - the stripes and dabs of paint.

  2. WOW!! thanks Torro and Joseph for the post and commentsm, very appreciated.

  3. Great work there Chris - you must know better than most of us that there's lot of erotic male artwork around the internet these days, but i just got to say - yours is totally outstanding! So damn strong, just the way I like it. Here's wishing you every success. Woof!