Friday, 8 July 2011

Fruits of the Forest.

I got to admit, Im more a creature of the urban jungle than the jungle jungle. but a post caught my eye the other evening from the very excellent Miro Collas of Animations Rising. I'm not sure if its a totally new product in the Rising Silks store there, but it's simplicity is its genius (it's called 'the simple loin cloth'). Whether your looking for a rumble in the jungle, or a fumble in the forest, its sometimes good to slip into something cooler, get some air around your favourite body parts, and get in touch with the eco-warrior inside.
Miros' whole place is a treasure trove, so give yourself some time to explore. 
I don't know how the guy does it but his hot blog is one prime example of man-on-man pleasure publishing. Keep it up Miro!   Click to visit Miro-Collas hot blog.  Visit the Animations Rising Blog.

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  1. Well thanks - glad you like it. :-) And yes it is a new product. If I can self-promote: