Monday, 11 July 2011

Male Icons 5: David

There's no question, right up there in the queer classics has to be Michelangelo's David. 
Tall, muscular, and naked as the day he was born, David came to symbolize the ideal athletic physique.
Up to relatively recently no homo home could be without its very own miniature version perched pertly on the mantle-piece, (or so the TV dramas and movies of the 60's and 70's would have us believe). 
Still the greatest after all these years, and certainly worth a trip on the gay bus to Florence any day of the week! 
His chiseled beauty never fails to make every fella gasp with amazement - gay or straight.

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  1. OUCH you beat me to it, I was thinking of doing a post on Michelangelo´s David - now I´ll wait a while ;)

    Great post!