Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Pit Stop.

While a roving and a wandering around both Second Life and the blogosphere you often get reminded of the simple pleasures that sometimes get missed by the mainstream.
The other day I came across a blog called 'JustTim Again's Pit Stop' - entirely dedicated to that very sexy, usually hairy, heavily scented delicacy - the arm pit.
In a world where the cock shot or cum shot seem to rule, Tim's collection of images sure are a sexy and sensual diversion to another (but lesser represented) of the finer things in life.
I immediately got on the phone to The Hog for some deep and intense pit-action over at The Bullring -Cargo City.
That guys tongue can reach parts other guys can only dream of. I might have to get him back pre-shower, every morning. Clean those pits boy!   Click here to check out some hot arm pit guys!

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