Thursday, 14 July 2011

Second Life Balance?

Look guys - one hand!
Is it only me that finds it tricky to get the Second Life vrs. real life balance about right?
How much time do you spend there?
People talk about the life/work balance in real life, but for Second Life addicts I think we juggle with the life/work/Second Life/second work balance - and that takes some juggling!
I get up in the morning...check the blog.. check in to see if there are any IMs. Check in on the clubs, re-set some scripts, say 'hi' to passing fellas,  sometimes take it a little further.
Then there's the building, the tweaking, the downloading. There are clothes to buy, photographs to take, editing to do. There's the rent to pay, the dishes to wash!
Then I open the front door to real life and it all starts again as I hit the streets... I say 'hi' to passing fellas, sometimes take it a little further.... LOL
Don't get me wrong, I love it - in fact I'd spend much more time here if I could, but work, friends, partner all need their fair share too - and fresh air and sunshine help!
My big regret is that I tend to dip in and out of SL in short, sharp bursts, instead of taking a whole afternoon or evening to get to grips seriously with the people I meet there.
Don't get me wrong - SL friends are as real as any other and  I promise I place a high value on their friendship, but we are all here for our own reasons, each with our own external pressures, and luckily, there is a great deal of shared understanding on that.
How's your balancing act?


  1. I tend to pop in, check my messages, go through my inventory, check out some shops for clothes. I tend to pop in and out (of the game!) as I have RL impinging on my time as well, but I value my friendships in the virtual world, even if I'm not able to say hi every single time; just because I can't see the "real" person, doesn't mean they aren't actually there.

  2. LOL Torro, good description of how having two lives sometimes fels like - and the picture is awesome!

    Have you been working out? ;)