Saturday, 23 July 2011

Sex And The City

Forget 'dress down Friday's'. Sometimes a guy just has to head up to the city and do the business.
And there's nothing sharper that a neat suit, fresh shirt and tie to sort out the men from the boys.
You don't have to be a banker to enjoy the look of a guy in a suit - let's face it, blue collar or white collar, a uniform is a uniform, and on the right guy, sexy as hell (even I look ok in one!).
Maybe we should start a club night for suit fetish fraternity, maybe even a place to meet.
Time to sharpen up fellas.


  1. Like the "Men at Play" DVD! ooo, that would be cool!

  2. Will have to check that one out ;-) Good thing in Second Life - no heavy dry cleaning bills!

  3. WOW you really clean up nicely, Torro. Absolutely stuning! ;)

  4. Thanks Bock, I thought so too! Haha! Must dress up more often.