Sunday, 3 July 2011

Summer Lovin'

So, we're now well into the summer of love - 2011 style. Just what is that going to be though?
Here I am feeling broke, and wondering if, where, when, I should head away to catch some sunshine?
I mean, we really need a little bit of sun, especially if you live in northern Europe - or northern anywhere for that matter!
Will it be one of the old stand-bys Ibiza, Mykonos, (forgive me but I never quite understood Sitges)? Or further afield South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, even Rio?  Dream on Torro - not with the bank account as it stands at the moment!
I might just have to close my eyes, open up the windows wide, and breathe in deep.... thinking of the hot guys walking into the deep blue sea as the waves break over their bathing trunks (or better still - no bathers!).
Hell yeah, load up the camper van - we always have Brighton and 'camp-as-a-pink-row-of-tents' Blackpool!

And if you are in the same position as me, and want to take in some rays and sea air without too much expense), my little camper van is set up on the sand bank at Cape Horn feel free to use it (but don't ask how I managed to get it there!) Take an hour or two off, slip into your hottest bathers, and check it out, you never know who might turn up.
Click here to go to the breezy sand bank!

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