Monday, 29 August 2011

Turning The Tables. Part 3

It was my turn to take control and show the guy who's the boss. Time to get serious. Where he had size, I had agility, where he had force, I had determination. This stud was going to feel it good, and remember our close encounter for a long time to come. Better to give than receive? Well thats one for debate, it's a hell of a lot of fun both ways up, but for now, I was happy to give like it was going out of fashion. Pounding into his hot ass, opening him up, stretching him, feeling his every reaction to each and every thrust of my swollen tool. We were working this out together,  playing with the movement of our bodies, driving each other further, deeper, our flesh was one, our minds totally focussed on the sensation of the moment.
Lifting up onto the table, he arched his back ready for the final assault. He wanted to feel my juice fill his ass just like he'd filled mine earlier. The intensity was high and getting higher by the minute, every movement sent seismic shockwaves through our bodies, our muscle, sweat, and breathing acting in unison. I had one hot gift to deliver, and this load had Lusty's name on it. My balls were full and tight, and my cock sliding and gliding like a well oiled piston. I was getting close as the  muscle stud suddenly gripped my cock tight at its deepest point, we were engorged like dogs, he had me where he needed me, and there was only one natural conclusion. My balls reacted right on cue, pumping out their hot white cream, load after load, after load. So men don't have multiple orgasms eh? Well this was as close as it gets, I'm pretty sure of that. Man that felt good, and feeling my dick slide in the fellas cum loaded ass was like being in heaven.
I figured Lusty deserved some cool-down time and attention. This guy's butt had worked like a trooper, so a tongue massage was the least I could do to bring the fella back down to earth. The musky blend of sweat, ass, and spunk was like a testosterone cocktail. Man he tasted good... no, we tasted good. This was our scent, our taste, our essence.
As our bodies began to relax, and our temperature cooled, we were both aware that every sinew, every  nerve ending felt so damn alive - like never before. Sex is a work-out for sure, but a good man to man session is so much more. When the tables get turned, and if you're lucky, turned over again, it's pure pleasure combat. The good news is - both guys are winners, and both guys take all.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Turning The Tables. Part 2

Oooomph! This guy was good!  he hauled me up on all fours and fucked me like a hound from hell. His heavy balls slapped against my ass with every stroke of his dick. My ass was so up for it now, taking everything he threw at it, all it needed now was his hot, wet, spunk. I gripped the guy by his nut sack, stroking those swinging tanks, milking, squeezing, needing to drain those boys dry. It was time for Lusty to give every darn drop he had, and I wanted to feel that guy blow. One last slap to his bull balls and Pow! The guy went off in my ass like a geyser in Yellowstone - man, I swear I could taste his jiz at the back of my throat!

He might have blown his load, but he was by no means spent. The stud was hungry for more, and I knew he wanted to have some of his own medicine. He flipped over, and before I could say 'suck that mother-fuckin dick' I was plugging that sweet, deep, wet, mouth, and feeling his rough tongue working the shaft of my cock as it slid in deep.  Man it felt good, and gave him a taster for what he was about to receive. He'd done this before, and was he good at it?! His mission? To slick me up to give himself the best chance of an easy ride.

I figured I better give the guy some help, and lapped like a dog at that muscle butt of his with my hungry tongue, massaging that manhole, easing the guys tension, feeling his whole body relax into the up coming assault on this ass.
Now the fella was ready, holding on tight to the table, gritting his teeth hard as my dick started to penetrate the wall of muscle that formed his tight hole. Man it felt good - warm, tight, wet, and the route to becoming one with the hottest fella in town. Our bodies moved and worked together. His ass starting to grip the thickness of my dick, and work it. The guy was jacking me off with his muscle butt. This was give 'n take the way it should be... and boy, did I have some stuff to give! (To be continued.)

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Turning the Tables. Part 1

Sometimes, when you pass a guy on the stairs you can just sense a mutual attraction. Catch his eye, nod a 'hello' , and pow! you're hooked on a journey of exploration. And thats how it started.  Lusty brushed by my pectorals with his bulging biceps and my nipples caught his eye. He just couldn't keep his hands off em.
Gently working the swollen flesh at first, then tugging and squeezing them harder, working them real good. he made it known from the outset, that's what he liked to dish out, and thats what he liked to recieve. Just the way I like it too.
Once we'd gone way past the point of no return we headed upstairs, Lusty pushed me over and pinned me to the table, and I wasn't exactly protesting when I found myself on my back with his balls in my face. Result! There's no faster way to a guys heart - forget his stomach, its sucking on his balls that gets 'em every time.
With the spunk rising Lusty wasted no time at all, greasing me up and starting the slow easy pressure against my tight puckered asshole. This was never going to be easy, that guy has one of the thickest cocks in Second Life - and that's saying something! Was going to be one hell of a test to accommodate that monster cock.
Man, there was nowhere to run, no place to hide. I was held firm around the waist, and impaled on that prize piece of meat. Every thrust made me groan with deep intense pleasure, and once that boy built up his rythumn, we both were steaming away like a run-away train.
I knew where this was going, and it was going to be the match of the season, I just needed to be sure that I could give this stud as good as I got, and work out a way to take his sweet ass for myself. The more he ploughed my furrow, the faster my mind worked, determined to take him to places he'd not been to for a long, long while. (To be continued.)

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Mauleo's sketch for Hercules and the Mage

The sketch above is a bit of a rare insight into the draughtsmanship behind Mauleo's more familiar but impeccable cartoons.
I've been loving Mauleo's Hercules series for some time, he has created a real original - a  big gentle giant of a Hercules, and his latest re-working of the classic sculpture ' Hercules and Diomedes' takes it to its natural homo-erotic climax.
I hope this is a series that will run and run (though I'm reading Hercules young friend - not shown here - as a fresh faced 20 year old!) and look forward to more no-holds-barred wrestling combat from the classics.
Mauleo's Hercules and Diomedes
Check out more Mauleo here.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

All Body Workout.

Don't let the innocent sitting poses fool you, if you've not tried them yet, i promise that the new DIO gym equipment will guarentee that every muscle gets in on the action.  Get pumped and pound some flesh. The DIO Pommel Horse and Workout Bench are on the first floor at The Bullring - Cargo City.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Japanese Master.

So many men, so little time to tie them all up!
Don't get me wrong I love the work of Gengoroh Tagame, and nothing better than his pen and ink classics. If Finland gave us Tom, then Japan gave us Tagame, and his manga images run the ever ascending highs of bondage, s&m and fetish fun. Tagame is not for the squeamish, but if you're not averse to a touch of torture, he's the king. Not only that, he does it with great style, and no holding back on the action. If you're looking for extreme hot draughtsmanship - look East.
  Check out Tagame's work here.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Hitting The Spot.

Need I say more!
Look out for the photo story 'Turning the Tables' - coming up soon.

Hot Shot.

I make a point of showcasing hot n' sexy images around The Bullring, with premier league artists like Ulf giving the place a unique testosterone splattered look - Ulf is my number one in the all-male xxx hall of fame.
But amongst all the digital artworks there is one stand alone photograph which presses all my buttons, and clicks my shutter. I think I picked this up from a profile site. It's blurred, it's misty, and you cant see much of the guy himself. But in the mystery of it all you get a great impression of one fine figure of a man. I think this guy will be in residence at the club for some time to come.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Got Gut?

A man can go either way. You are either the kind of guy who wants to develop a six-pack, or you're the kind you likes to drink 'em - and to hell with the consequences.
Let's hear it for the big guys!

Friday, 19 August 2011

A Bigger Splash

Its a long hot summer in Second Life!
I couldn't resist snapping some of the pool side hedonists at The Castle of Love, Vuissant.
Dancing to cool, sun soaked tunes from HotBoy, Johan Garfield and Jamal Beaumont sure made my thermometer rise!

Body Art.

Ink can be one sexy layer - and in real life addictive! Today I took a walk around N.Z. Creations, one of the finest tattoo parlours in town, and here are a few of the results.

Thursday, 18 August 2011


Some guys enjoy testing their masculinity and taking sex to its outer limits. Cock and ball torture (CBT), ball busting, and electro stimulation can test a guys inner strength and take all-male play to a whole new level.
You might be a top, a bottom, or like me, a guy versatile sort of fella who likes to be sure he can take anything he might dish out himself.
In Second Life the intensity can be equally hot.  I love getting into another guy's head, making the connection, and taking each other deeper and deeper into the raunchy highs and lows of pleasure and pain.
The Hog here takes a hell of a beating in the man-jewels department. He has balls of steel, and loves those heavy rocks taking a kicking.
Every blow makes the hot stud gasp and groan taking his breath clean away, and building up a deep dull ache in his gut.delivering a sharp shock of agony to his core - Ooomph!
Ball breaking, ball busting, call it what you will - its man-play taken to the extream and some men just cant get enough.
This ball bustin' pad is placed over at The Bullring - Cargo City, complete with kicks, slaps and stomping. So get your buddy's nuts under the treads of your boot and grind em down hard... just listen to that stud groan. So damn hot.


 Art by Mon Graphito

It's always good to see a new Bullring blog follower, and great when a follower is as talented as Mon Graffito.
Check out his fine portraits, nudes, and stencil work on his own website, and also take a look at his male art blog. Welcome to 'MANograghy' - a powerful new word, maybe even a way of life!
Follow Mon Graphito's blog here.
Take a look at Mon Graphito's website here.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Christmas Came Early!

Well, he went and did it. Cox Leather's vest range got bigger, including this sexy army edition- complete with mesh camouflage jock. Holy-moly!
Check out Stan Storno's new range of vests here.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Porn Star Quality!

Arcturus by Hotboy
Ernesto Hank by Hotboy
Timber Macbain by Hotboy

In real life we were brought up on the magnificent Colt, or Falcon Studios, in Second Life we have the excellent Skylock Studio.
Hotboy Lockjaw is a true Renaissance man, with many creative strings to his bow - and he certainly has an eye for the fellas.
Between his frantic club night schedule Hotboy manages to track down some of the raunchiest men in Second Life and persuade them to find the porn star within, as he snaps their superstructure with the eye of a real pro.
Mr lockjaw's 'Skylock Studio - Hotboy's Hot Stuff' blogs hows off some of SL's best built boys - including himself!
So reach for the top shelf and take a look at his XXX stallions - also make sure to dig deep into his older posts.... so many men, so little time!
Get Hotboy's Hotstuff here!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

The State of the Gay Blog Nation

Well, I'm a year into this now, and I keep on blogging.
Month by month the page views keep building, slowly and surely the follower numbers keep on rising, and week by week my exploration into the gay blogosphere goes deeper and deeper. And its a stimulating world to say the least!
My main plan is to keep close to The Bullring's Second Life origins, but the cross-over into real life issues is sometimes impossible to avoid - especially as real life does rear its ugly head in SL too.
So I've been treating the blog as a kind of SL gay magazine, with The Bullring club at its core, covering issues on the outside world (ranting and raving once or twice), or just things that pop up inside my head! Admittedly this is mostly done through very short snap-shot features - setting myself the task of producing a high percentage of the visual material involved myself - in Second Life. That said, other blogs, gay art, gay digital art, and photography (yup, that means porn!) are natural cross overs too and a great source of material.
So I guess what I'm saying is, that one year in, I hope The Bullring blog makes some kind of sense to someone out there? Particularly to Second Life regulars - and to Bullring members and users. I hope it makes sense and (reasonably) interesting reading and viewing to those poor guys (and I guess a few girls) who just stumble across it out of the blue!
The past couple of months it's felt like the blog has picked up some strong momentum, and in tern, I've been increasing the features to around one a day (and then I've got my day job to do - and a club to run!!).
Hey, but no complaining, it's been great getting to know (and receiving support from) some of the other Second Life bloggers over the past year, and with luck we'll all be even closer this time next year.
Thanks for checking in here now and again... let me know if you're enjoying it... but most importantly - stay horny!

P.s. I think my spelling is getting better too!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Spank Some Ass!

There's just not enough ass slapping in Second Life (or maybe anywhere!). Nothing nicer than rolling a guy over - head down, ass in the air and giving the guy a butt warming spanking. Over in the locker area at gay-sex-central -The Bullring, Cargo City, the bench animations take you through some nice up-close-and-personal positions...
...gently stroking the guys hairy ass at first, then bringing the palm of your hand down hard and strong on those hot round ass cheeks, and if your right hand gets tired from the butt beating, just flip the fella around, and give him more from the left till those cheeks glow flame-red.
Come on men, warm your best mates butt cheeks today, and like all good pals, if you're lucky he might just do the same for you!
If you know of any other great ass spanking animations let me know.
Smack! Ouch! Oink!