Wednesday, 3 August 2011

800 Big Ones!

Yup, the membership of The Bullring club in Second Life keeps on soaring steadily week by week and recently tipped over the 800 mark.
Thanks for joining guys, and thank you to those guys who've been there from the beginning.
I'm sure all members will welcome the new guys with open arms...
Feel free to invite any hot looking fella to join the horniest men's club in Second Life.


  1. Great and congrats. It is a great club and group.
    In some ways I am shy and quiet and do not know many there. Seems I am always shooting photos for that gives me a reason to be. Take care and keep up the good work. The fact that new members feel welcome is what works.

  2. Hey thanks Carl and Joseph! I'm glad you enjoy the members... and hopefully their... members ; ) I'm a bit shy too Carl, always feel like I've not had chance to talk to everyone or anyone! But I guess thats like RL - sometimes at the end of a great party (where I've been talking all night) i still end up feeling bad about the people I missed out.
    Hope to see you for a chat the next time - both of you, and thanks again for the support.

  3. You're my hero stud. You bust your ass to make it fun for everyone.