Thursday, 18 August 2011


Some guys enjoy testing their masculinity and taking sex to its outer limits. Cock and ball torture (CBT), ball busting, and electro stimulation can test a guys inner strength and take all-male play to a whole new level.
You might be a top, a bottom, or like me, a guy versatile sort of fella who likes to be sure he can take anything he might dish out himself.
In Second Life the intensity can be equally hot.  I love getting into another guy's head, making the connection, and taking each other deeper and deeper into the raunchy highs and lows of pleasure and pain.
The Hog here takes a hell of a beating in the man-jewels department. He has balls of steel, and loves those heavy rocks taking a kicking.
Every blow makes the hot stud gasp and groan taking his breath clean away, and building up a deep dull ache in his gut.delivering a sharp shock of agony to his core - Ooomph!
Ball breaking, ball busting, call it what you will - its man-play taken to the extream and some men just cant get enough.
This ball bustin' pad is placed over at The Bullring - Cargo City, complete with kicks, slaps and stomping. So get your buddy's nuts under the treads of your boot and grind em down hard... just listen to that stud groan. So damn hot.

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