Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mary Ann In Autumn

For some Castro Street is San Francisco's very own yellow brick road to all things gay - for me its probably got to be Barbary Lane. Number 28 to be exact - that spiritual epicentre of all things human, open, accepting, compassionate and yep - funny. As you might be able to guess, I just finished Armistead Maupin's latest novel in the 'Tales of the City' series - 'Mary Ann in Autumn'.
The series began thirty years ago (Jesus! was that really thirty!), and this time around I felt that I'd grown up along side the characters in the book, my life (like most of us), paralleling some of the extraordinary twists and turns of those of Michael Tolliver, Mary Ann Singleton, Mrs Madrigal  and the gang, (well I guess over thirty years, somethings got to happen - though I'm avoiding the sex change op!!).
So, if you are heading away for a break,  or have time on your hands at home, grab the book and settle down for some new experiences with some old friends - no-one gives you life quite like Amistead Maupin, and in the end, life is just fine.
Also, I loved the artwork on the UK cover by Gregg Kulick - I need an airline ticket to San Franciso NOW!

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