Friday, 12 August 2011

Spank Some Ass!

There's just not enough ass slapping in Second Life (or maybe anywhere!). Nothing nicer than rolling a guy over - head down, ass in the air and giving the guy a butt warming spanking. Over in the locker area at gay-sex-central -The Bullring, Cargo City, the bench animations take you through some nice up-close-and-personal positions...
...gently stroking the guys hairy ass at first, then bringing the palm of your hand down hard and strong on those hot round ass cheeks, and if your right hand gets tired from the butt beating, just flip the fella around, and give him more from the left till those cheeks glow flame-red.
Come on men, warm your best mates butt cheeks today, and like all good pals, if you're lucky he might just do the same for you!
If you know of any other great ass spanking animations let me know.
Smack! Ouch! Oink!

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