Saturday, 13 August 2011

The State of the Gay Blog Nation

Well, I'm a year into this now, and I keep on blogging.
Month by month the page views keep building, slowly and surely the follower numbers keep on rising, and week by week my exploration into the gay blogosphere goes deeper and deeper. And its a stimulating world to say the least!
My main plan is to keep close to The Bullring's Second Life origins, but the cross-over into real life issues is sometimes impossible to avoid - especially as real life does rear its ugly head in SL too.
So I've been treating the blog as a kind of SL gay magazine, with The Bullring club at its core, covering issues on the outside world (ranting and raving once or twice), or just things that pop up inside my head! Admittedly this is mostly done through very short snap-shot features - setting myself the task of producing a high percentage of the visual material involved myself - in Second Life. That said, other blogs, gay art, gay digital art, and photography (yup, that means porn!) are natural cross overs too and a great source of material.
So I guess what I'm saying is, that one year in, I hope The Bullring blog makes some kind of sense to someone out there? Particularly to Second Life regulars - and to Bullring members and users. I hope it makes sense and (reasonably) interesting reading and viewing to those poor guys (and I guess a few girls) who just stumble across it out of the blue!
The past couple of months it's felt like the blog has picked up some strong momentum, and in tern, I've been increasing the features to around one a day (and then I've got my day job to do - and a club to run!!).
Hey, but no complaining, it's been great getting to know (and receiving support from) some of the other Second Life bloggers over the past year, and with luck we'll all be even closer this time next year.
Thanks for checking in here now and again... let me know if you're enjoying it... but most importantly - stay horny!

P.s. I think my spelling is getting better too!

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  1. I love it buddy, keep on trucking and getting my dick to throb!