Saturday, 27 August 2011

Turning the Tables. Part 1

Sometimes, when you pass a guy on the stairs you can just sense a mutual attraction. Catch his eye, nod a 'hello' , and pow! you're hooked on a journey of exploration. And thats how it started.  Lusty brushed by my pectorals with his bulging biceps and my nipples caught his eye. He just couldn't keep his hands off em.
Gently working the swollen flesh at first, then tugging and squeezing them harder, working them real good. he made it known from the outset, that's what he liked to dish out, and thats what he liked to recieve. Just the way I like it too.
Once we'd gone way past the point of no return we headed upstairs, Lusty pushed me over and pinned me to the table, and I wasn't exactly protesting when I found myself on my back with his balls in my face. Result! There's no faster way to a guys heart - forget his stomach, its sucking on his balls that gets 'em every time.
With the spunk rising Lusty wasted no time at all, greasing me up and starting the slow easy pressure against my tight puckered asshole. This was never going to be easy, that guy has one of the thickest cocks in Second Life - and that's saying something! Was going to be one hell of a test to accommodate that monster cock.
Man, there was nowhere to run, no place to hide. I was held firm around the waist, and impaled on that prize piece of meat. Every thrust made me groan with deep intense pleasure, and once that boy built up his rythumn, we both were steaming away like a run-away train.
I knew where this was going, and it was going to be the match of the season, I just needed to be sure that I could give this stud as good as I got, and work out a way to take his sweet ass for myself. The more he ploughed my furrow, the faster my mind worked, determined to take him to places he'd not been to for a long, long while. (To be continued.)