Sunday, 28 August 2011

Turning The Tables. Part 2

Oooomph! This guy was good!  he hauled me up on all fours and fucked me like a hound from hell. His heavy balls slapped against my ass with every stroke of his dick. My ass was so up for it now, taking everything he threw at it, all it needed now was his hot, wet, spunk. I gripped the guy by his nut sack, stroking those swinging tanks, milking, squeezing, needing to drain those boys dry. It was time for Lusty to give every darn drop he had, and I wanted to feel that guy blow. One last slap to his bull balls and Pow! The guy went off in my ass like a geyser in Yellowstone - man, I swear I could taste his jiz at the back of my throat!

He might have blown his load, but he was by no means spent. The stud was hungry for more, and I knew he wanted to have some of his own medicine. He flipped over, and before I could say 'suck that mother-fuckin dick' I was plugging that sweet, deep, wet, mouth, and feeling his rough tongue working the shaft of my cock as it slid in deep.  Man it felt good, and gave him a taster for what he was about to receive. He'd done this before, and was he good at it?! His mission? To slick me up to give himself the best chance of an easy ride.

I figured I better give the guy some help, and lapped like a dog at that muscle butt of his with my hungry tongue, massaging that manhole, easing the guys tension, feeling his whole body relax into the up coming assault on this ass.
Now the fella was ready, holding on tight to the table, gritting his teeth hard as my dick started to penetrate the wall of muscle that formed his tight hole. Man it felt good - warm, tight, wet, and the route to becoming one with the hottest fella in town. Our bodies moved and worked together. His ass starting to grip the thickness of my dick, and work it. The guy was jacking me off with his muscle butt. This was give 'n take the way it should be... and boy, did I have some stuff to give! (To be continued.)


  1. Work that ass! Oh man, lets get a little orgy going.

  2. Hot Damn! Now that's the kind of fukken I REALLY enjoy!