Monday, 29 August 2011

Turning The Tables. Part 3

It was my turn to take control and show the guy who's the boss. Time to get serious. Where he had size, I had agility, where he had force, I had determination. This stud was going to feel it good, and remember our close encounter for a long time to come. Better to give than receive? Well thats one for debate, it's a hell of a lot of fun both ways up, but for now, I was happy to give like it was going out of fashion. Pounding into his hot ass, opening him up, stretching him, feeling his every reaction to each and every thrust of my swollen tool. We were working this out together,  playing with the movement of our bodies, driving each other further, deeper, our flesh was one, our minds totally focussed on the sensation of the moment.
Lifting up onto the table, he arched his back ready for the final assault. He wanted to feel my juice fill his ass just like he'd filled mine earlier. The intensity was high and getting higher by the minute, every movement sent seismic shockwaves through our bodies, our muscle, sweat, and breathing acting in unison. I had one hot gift to deliver, and this load had Lusty's name on it. My balls were full and tight, and my cock sliding and gliding like a well oiled piston. I was getting close as the  muscle stud suddenly gripped my cock tight at its deepest point, we were engorged like dogs, he had me where he needed me, and there was only one natural conclusion. My balls reacted right on cue, pumping out their hot white cream, load after load, after load. So men don't have multiple orgasms eh? Well this was as close as it gets, I'm pretty sure of that. Man that felt good, and feeling my dick slide in the fellas cum loaded ass was like being in heaven.
I figured Lusty deserved some cool-down time and attention. This guy's butt had worked like a trooper, so a tongue massage was the least I could do to bring the fella back down to earth. The musky blend of sweat, ass, and spunk was like a testosterone cocktail. Man he tasted good... no, we tasted good. This was our scent, our taste, our essence.
As our bodies began to relax, and our temperature cooled, we were both aware that every sinew, every  nerve ending felt so damn alive - like never before. Sex is a work-out for sure, but a good man to man session is so much more. When the tables get turned, and if you're lucky, turned over again, it's pure pleasure combat. The good news is - both guys are winners, and both guys take all.

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