Saturday, 10 September 2011

America - 10 Tough Years.

There's no getting away from it, the decade since the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC has been a tough one.
Horror, fear, confusion and sadness swirled around the globe on that cataclysmic day ten years ago.
Not only did the initial shock of an attack on American soil rock the confidence the nation, but the subsequent and on going response has cost the American people a great deal.
It's now a cliche to say it, but everything did change that day, and the post World War II myth of innocence that prevailed in the west for fifty years or more was lost, maybe for ever.
I guess it's not for me to judge a nation's response to the attack - but I imagine many Americans might just be asking themselves where mistakes have been made in the intervening years.
Guantanamo Bay, the treatment of Iraqi prisoners, the war in Iraq itself, the continuing loss of  life - American, foreign, military and civilian.
Not only that, the decade saw massive economic erosion, from the fiscal surplus of the Clinton years to the economic meltdown that climaxed at the end of the Bush years, leaving the amiable Barrack Obama to pick up the pieces, (seemingly take the blame!) rebuild America's devastated economy - as well as its damaged reputation.
It sounds like a decade from hell for the once 'most powerful country', and there's no getting away from it -  it has been.
But, as long as Americans hold true to their pioneering spirit, founding ideals, building on the strength of their people, I believe they can turn things around. The 'stand on your own two feet' can-do attitude that built the country in the first place should stand them in good stead.
American's also need to know that the rest of us, out here, still wish nothing but the best for them.
Me, I love America, and Americans, I've still to meet a bad one ( I, like God herself, will even forgive their fundamentalist Christianity insanity - so long as they keep it at home - and to themselves!).
Lets hope that the next decade brings only good to America, and by turning their efforts and attention away from un-affordable and un-winnable wars, they can  build back their economy, rebuild their reputation as an international beacon of hope and freedom. The next ten years have got to be focussed on turning around that massive financial oil tanker of a country and get it heading on course to a bright, just, and prosperous future.
Ten years on our thoughts and hopes are with you America, us gay fellas, and many others, need a strong 'land of the free'.

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