Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Anatomy of an 'Alt'.

I was wondering - what makes a good 'alt' in Second Life? In fact, how do you use yours, and what's he ( or she) for? Me, I tend to use my alt - if I use him at all - as a way of slipping in to SL and taking a look around without disturbing too many of my friends. Also he's a good way of developing a second angle to Second Life - a sort of test bed for another look and personality. I guess the thing is, I've invested so much in my primary AV that I really am that person when I'm in SL. My alt really does take second place- and rarely talks to, or befriends other people - that would almost be deception! Still it's good to play, and test out reactions to a different character. Will keep you posted on how it goes- but don't worry, there's no danger of a split personality!

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