Thursday, 8 September 2011

Another Hate Crime - By The Iranian Government.

The news of the hanging of three Iranian men - simply for being gay - probably comes as no surprise to any of us. Its just another sad day in the life of a once great nation now living under the oppression of a miserable, vote stealing, government.

The Iranian government's duty of care to its own people leaves a lot to be desired. The treatment of women and men found guilty of the 'crime' of adultery, who can themselves face the death penalty, should see government ministers ousted in shame.

The unhealthy obsession that repressive governments seem to have with the private lives of their citizens (Mugabe's Zimbabwe is a classic example) reflects a deep rooted fear at the heart of their illegitimate regimes, and exposes the inner demons of the rulers themselves - hoping to distract from their own mis-management through hate, fear, and division.

With luck, the young, educated, literate Iranian population wont put up with this for much longer. They want a modern country which can participate fully in the modern world. We can only hope that some day soon the charlatans and gangsters currently running the place will be kicked out and the real people of Iran will take back control, and once again show their common humanity and rebuild a nation they can be proud of.
Today's 'The Independent' article.


  1. Thanks for posting this Torro. I am linking to it. The number of LGBT people murdered by the Iranian government, including children under the age of 18 who are merely suspected of the "intolerable crime" of being gay numbers in the thousands (according to many human rights sources). Yet the world ignores this -- with many countries and organizations seeing Iran as a "hero" in standing up to the United States and the West.

    Its about time the international LGBT community protest more about these outrages.

  2. Thanks Eddi, these reports drive me crazy with anger. I wish there was some way of supporting the guys and girls living under these horrific regimes without putting their lives in danger. Gay. straight, male, female - governments should keep their filthy laws off our bodies - and that goes for mythical, mediaeval laws too.