Sunday, 4 September 2011

Spillin' It.

Most days I make the rounds of the Cargo City club,  refilling up the Crisco, hosing down the furniture... you know how it is in a man den - sort of messy - in a good way.
The other day as I was checking out the bathroom stall I was just overcome with a need to unload. I'm not sure if it was the time of day, the place it's self, or the musky man-scents filling the room (though they helped!).
Before you could say 'slap my butt' I was on my knees jacking my junk.
So damn good, and boy did I need it. Sometimes a fella just got to do what a fellas got to do, right there and then. Time to lighten that heavy load and mark my territory.
Edging for a good while, taking myself up to and nearly over the point of no return, I worked it good and hard till I just had to let fly, and release the pent up energy compounded between my thighs. My eyes closed, my senses heightened, and my mind racing with all things male, one sharp intake of breath and WHAM! BAM!
One hot, wet, rush of spunk pumped out of my swollen cock, over and over, so much juice - fuck! I was draining my balls, and squirting my load around the stall. Man it felt like it would never end. Load after creamy white load shooting and spilling out of my favourite body part.
Man, us guys sure are lucky.

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