Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Art & Abercrombie.

If you've ever had the pleasure of a little retail therapy over at Abercrombie & Fitch you may well have noticed that the walls. Not the walls covered in A&F t-shirts and jeans but the gaps in between, the staircases, ceilings... all lavishly adorned with - let's tell it like it is - homoerotic paintings.
The artist responsible for creating the sexiest murals since the lobby of New York's Rockerfeller Centre opened is Mark Beard.
There's a timeless air to his work, with early to mid twentieth century sporting references his hallmark. But the men portrayed are twenty first century muscle in various states of dress and luckily for us - undress.
Men, pure and simple, just the way we like them, and a perfect compliment to A&F's young beautiful Bruce Webber models adorning the ads and literature.
Mark's work makes shopping man's work - and a real pleasure.

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