Saturday, 12 November 2011

Cocksuckin' Buddy

Everybody needs a suck buddy. That special fella who, come rain or shine, just wants to slide your dick out of your pants and get to work on making you feel good. Thats the way it was this particular afternoon. Yaak called, ' How's it going? Long time no see'. He headed over, and I remembered the long hot session we had last time we met. He arrived.. looking good, smelling even better.
As soon as he walked through the door I felt my cock stiffen, and began packing a bulge in my leathers.
Yaak grabbed my packet and squeezed hard, I wrapped my hand around his neck and pulled him forward for a long, slow, deep kiss. He tasted as good as I remembered.
He pushed me down onto the bed, and we continued to eat each others face, enjoying his two-day stubble brushing mine.
Side by side, he unzipped my leathers. My cock burst out, spilling some juice as he took hold of the shaft and began to stroke and edge it like a real pro.
Every inch of my body was charged and ready to be taken to new heights of pleasure. He had me just where he wanted me - no going back. He was going to deep throat my cock - that's what he came for, that's what he needed. He loved sucking, licking, eating, lapping, tasting, breathing in the essence, he was one hell of a fine cock sucker, and me, so lucky to have him as a buddy. So damn lucky.
Not that I'm not a fella to reciprocate, usually I'd roll the guy over and give as good as I got. But today it was going to be a one way street. We both had something we needed to give, and Yaak was giving like crazy.
My dick was sliding deep, and Yaak worked hard and fast. My cock hardly touched the sides as it slid in rapid strokes into his warm tight throat... you know that feeling, real good, light, lubed - maximum sensitivity, maximum pleasure.
My balls were swelling, full, loaded, ready. My dick hard as hell and primed to shoot.
He wrapped his hot wet mouth around the head of my cock, pulling hard on my balls. There was no going back. I was going to explode and deliver just what Yaak needed - he sure was hungry that day.
My body jerked and convulsed, my energy channeled and focussed on the centre of male energy between my legs.
He sensed the moment and slid my cock deep - holding it there, sucking, gulping, swallowing, waiting for me to expload.
Then it came. What a rush! Man it felt good. Pumping load after load. Hot, wet, spunk, delivered just where my buddy wanted it. He sucked like his sweet life depended upon it, drawing out every last stream of seed, every drop of juice - he just couldn't get enough of my spill.
My balls drained, he held my cock in his throat as I stroked the hair on his head. Resting, we savoured the moment, wallowing in the sensation, not wanting to break the bond between us. Bromance? Nah, this was more than bromance - this was cocksuckin' buddy love.

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