Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hey - I'm Locked Out!!

If the blog has felt a little quiet this week, and I've not been seen in and around The Bullring, it's because the unthinkable happened this week - I lost my broadband. In fact it's still gone, but I've been catching a few minutes, after hours in the office, to catch up on real life, and second life in the virtual world.
So apologies for missing the club night (two weeks on the run!), and with luck all should be back up and running in time for next Tuesday.
I cant tell you how frustrating it is to find yourself without a couple of daily trips into the gay underground and seeing who's around, and without the ability to check out horny 3D gay art and artists on line. But, with some luck, and with the aid of a couple of telecom engineers, those tangled up old wires over at the telephone exchange will be sorted out and reconnected soon... the back to building.. playing.. and checking out the talent.
Catch you soon fellas - I been missing ya! Torro

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