Sunday, 5 February 2012

Super Bowl Sunday!

It's time to order in the pizza, dip the guacamole, and settle in for the most awaited homo-erotic event this side of Monday.
Nope - not to watch the battling jocks under the sadly shapeless armour plating... but more importantly to see the 30 second David Beckham Underwear ad to be launched at the game today.
I just know what they are going to say - it's all a pinko, socialist, European conspiracy to not only turn those red-blooded American 'football' fans gay (because you can actually see Beckham's body shape in the ad) - but worse - turn them on to the kind of football the rest of the world enjoys - where the players use their feet! One day I'll see the attraction of American football I guess, maybe you just need to have been brought up with the game itself, the ritual, and smell of the locker room.
Either way my friends, that's why we love ya - have a nice day, and...
vive la difference!

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