Monday, 30 April 2012

The Times They Are A Changing.

Well, tomorrow should see the re-built Bullring, over at Gay Fun World, kick off with it's all-new layout.
There's no doubt that it's become the party club out of the three Bullring locations - so thats where I've put the new emphasis. More space, so more chance of standing back and getting a good clear view of any fella that catches your eye... and no matter how frenzied the dancing gets - you night stand a chance of not getting a black eye from someone else's crazed moves.
Once we have Gay Fun World up and running I think it'll be time to run a fresh broom through The Bullring-Cargo City and The Annexe too. Once you get the bug for building there's no stopping it.
I hope you like what you see over at the new club tomorrow. Go enjoy all that brand new space!

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