Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Computer Life.

Every computer has its own story, and to some extent its own life. Sad to say my poor old Mac Book Pro finally gave up the ghost two weeks ago, leaving me high and dry and floundering in both Second Life and the real one.
Not only did the blog slow down to a stand still... but my rent never got paid over at Cape Horn - luckily the landlord was patient and didn't eject me completely even though I was eight days over the payment due date.
Stan Cox my trusty neighbour was also on the case and messaged me an alert or two.
The upside is.. a brand new Mac Book Pro for me... bigger... faster... and slicker, and I think I've just about got everything up and running.
Here's wishing it a long, happy and healthy life.


  1. Glad ya got yr compter prob solved.
    Hope ya post a lot more hot stuff.
    Like all them hot stud pics...RL & SL.

  2. Hey Bodie, thanks for the support - will try to keep 'em coming - thick n' fast ;-)