Friday, 25 May 2012

Man Of The World.

The Amazing Oiswiss
The other evening I took a wander around what should be familiar territory and discovered a whole new skyline appearing. Not only that, but  I bumped into the master of the universe that is Gay Fun World  - Oiswiss himself!
Its been a few weeks since I'd seen him in person, so it was great to catch up with him for a chat.
I wouldn't say he's the un-sung hero (because we do love him), but sometimes I can't help feeling that Oiswiss is just a little bit on the modest side, when you consider his enormous contribution to homo-friendly SL.
His signature creation - Gay Fun World is party town central, pulling together a regular cycle of some of Second Life's most popular DJ's and daily events - and that's just for starters.
Gay Fun World began like a brand new, well planned US town (I remember!) with infrastructure going in first... subway, road system, and a hop on - hop off bus (which used to run me over on a regular basis!), and then the building began, creating one of the most comprehensive shopping destinations for gay guys in all of SL.
With all that under his belt already, it seems like the work never stops...  new districts springing up - bigger stores planned... high rise real estate... you name it Oiswiss is on the case already.
Gay Fun World is a pioneering sort of place - not least in creating a great mix of interlocking, and overlapping social scenes. I can see that Oiswiss has got much more he wants to deliver, so a big thank you to Oiswiss, Missy, and the team, you done good! Keeping our big, gay, fun, world turning is no easy task!

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