Saturday, 30 June 2012

Theatre Of Light.

The Second Pride dance arena showed just what it was made of this afternoon... with one full on riot of light. Just a bit magnificent!

Pretty Boy Floyd - Pretty Boy Hot.

Just another Saturday afternoon for Hoboy and Floyd - but just where did they pack away their finest assets?!

Athletic Support.

Initiation - by Ulf

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Second Pride From The Air.

DJ InsyX drew an A-list crowd to his hot set Thursday evening... Naked Carl.. Missy... Ziggy Starsmith... very impressive. and then the pyrotechnics began! ... it makes you proud.

Painting With Men.

Peter Schauwercker
Peter Schauwecker
Peter Shauwecker
Peter Schauwecker

Peter Schauwecker
Peter Schauwecker

Chris Lopez' excellent Art and Lifestyle blogspot continues to bring new and classic gay painters, photographers and sculptors - including his own superb work... but just incase you missed it (and I nearly did) I shamelessly reprise Chris' collection of paintings by German man-painter Peter Schauwecker.

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